This account is as good as unused, so I'm deactivating it. I'll be over on my main at

@makeworld It's a metaphor for how much energy one has available to do stuff in any given day.

The metaphor is based on a story I think was originally posted on Tumblr, where someone with a chronic condition (I can't remember which), described the stress of prioritizing what to do in a day by using physical spoons, because they were in a restaurant.
Any little task, such as brushing teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast, sending an sms, etc. would cost one or more spoons - but each day would only start with a limited amount of spoons, so there's always the added task of budgeting how many spoons are used for which tasks.

☕ (🇩🇪 vs 🇨🇦) 

@lilletale I even mill the beans myself! Fancy fancy barista me.

☕ (🇩🇪 vs 🇨🇦) 

@lilletale Since my last toot in this thread I turned 30 and got a coffee machine at home as a present.

And let me tell you, I love my big buckets of filter coffee now! (Way better than anything 7eleven serves - even the expensive fancy coffees)

it says something about how active I am in here that my most recent notification is a reply from april 4th.

@adambredenberg If you're talking about the "sbc almost got shut down some months ago" drama, I wrote a rough description of it here:

@darkmeow159 To be clear, I am personally intent on doing my best to keep SBC alive, but I'm also a privileged white man, so I'm objectively unlikely to do a good job of it on my own, given it's history. Luckily, I am not the only one who wants to see SBC succeed.

I hope that a serious organization can rise from the ashes of the SBC coop, but I can't personally push for it while the current global crisis is going on.


@darkmeow159 So the then-current admin of SBC decided to quickly remove the post, which the poster (who was also a mod) took very badly. Lots of yelling, accusations of racism and ableism (some of them not unfounded), and the poster decided to quit and make havoc behind them.

Shortly after that, and after more trouble from the hosting provider, the then-current admin had had enough and decided to step down and close SBC within 48 hours if noone stepped up to take over.

"Luckily" a few people stepped up, and @wakest is currently our new admin.
Meanwhile, those of us who stepped up to keep SBC running opened a matrix chatroom to organize it, which then stalled, so now SBC is floating in some kind of limbo with the intent of staying up, but without clear goals on who's going to make that happen long-term.

In conclusion, unless some serious organizing takes place, it's likely that there'll be new "SBC is shutting down"-drama within a year or two. [2/2]


@darkmeow159 Ookay, I'll try to do a quick summary.

Basically, there's been a history of criticism calling the coop (SBC) too white if not racist, and this time around was a continuation of that history.

Afaik, the latest thing started when a PoC wrote a long thread wherein they (rightly) criticized SBC, and said that the only way forward was to burn it down and either rebuild or leave it behind. This spawned a lot of discussion both here and elsewhere, with plenty of uninformed takes.

Simultaneously a PoC mod (that I believe was given that role because there used to be only white mods on SBC), decided to dox a fascist and post said fascists personal details, address, etc as a post on here. This spawned even more buzz, takes, and discussion and very quickly someone (allegedly from a fascist-friendly instance, I don't know who), reported the post to our hosting provider, who answer with threats of legal action if the post wasn't removed. [1/2]

Quick, temporary #FreeRadical policy update:

Effective immediately, medical advice regarding #COVID19 not sourced from legitimate scientific or medical outlets is forbidden content. If you see someone advocating essential oils or colloidal silver or other junk quackery, please report it.

This is not a free speech zone. Misinformation that makes people dead is not “oh well we all have opinions”.

Other #admins, I beg that you please consider a similar policy.

critique of the image from a white Dane 

@return_0 as a white Dane, I'd say this is pretty low on the solarpunk scale. Most suburbs in Denmark have walk/bike-paths between or behind homes. These insulated circles are only accessible from the narrow roads where cars also drive. There isn't even any sidewalks. Sure, you can walk out on the communal lawn from the back of each lot (probably), but that's not usable with a bike or other wheeled vehicles.

Plus, tightly organized lots like this very likely have strict rules about hedge care (e.g. height, removal of "weeds"), which is likely to restrict the local ecosystems in the gardens.

A way better example of solarpunk-like planning in Denmark is this planned, commune-inspired, community-focused village:

@ijyx You'd be able to see the posts, but other instances wouldn't be able to pull them to their instance, so any reply with be with an incomplete thread, and further boosts wont work - except to instances that have already seen those toots.

.. Does that make sense, or am I too rambly?


@wanderlustking a few people (including me and @liaizon ) have stepped up and are working on getting the responsibilities transferred from puffinus. Some / most of this work is happening through non-mastodon channels, but I'm sure there will be announcements when/if something goes through.

I'm trying to do my best to make sure the instance stays up.

@kawaiipunk is it readably without running obscure javascript apps?

@liaizon @puffinus_puffinus oh, that was probably a typo, I meant "set it up" as in make an account for myself.

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