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Botanical drawing of an onion plant (Allium Cepa) from "La Flore Des Environs De Paris" (1776)

Lunchbreak over. I will hopefully continue this thread later, and maybe polish it into an actual manifesto at some point.

Any link with resources or ideas are most welcome!

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I realized that core message of #Solarpunk regarding non-western cultures should be to stop treating them as exotic.

We should totally ban the word "exotic" and the mindset of something being appealing only because the culture is different than ours.

Other cultures have their own problems and ways of dealing with them, but we're all people. Let's stop fetishizing this cultural distance, even in aesthetics.

#writing #art

Can arcologies be anarchist?

What would an anarchist arcology look like?

Today's anti-imperialist micro-action:

Using "maize" instead of "corn" in english.

(It's easy for me as a dane, since it's "majs" in my native language, and corn is etymogically equivalent to "korn" which is our word for grain.)

As a continuation of my last post* (linking, because I want this thread to be as accessible as possible), I want to talk about the tiny actions.

What can one do, as a parent of a toddler, and with barely an hour of non-work/sleep per day, in an attempt to further a solarpunk agenda?

I'm searching for small changes and tiny actions, but what and how?


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Repeating because this is still relevant: we will always need a front line. But the front line is useless if there is nothing to protect. We, leftists, radicals, comrades, need to STOP romanticizing and prioritizing massive rowdy street protest as the zenith of resistance tactics. It's inherently exclusive and an ideology fascists share, and it puts us at the disadvantage. We need to be able to use all our abilities, and so far "punching them in the face" only makes up a small percentage of what has been proven as effective. Widen your scope of praxis, yesterday.

Would anyone enjoy a green plant themed css layout on sunbeam? I keep wishing it were greener.

I haven't made one in like... 15 years but why not.

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cis het men think about someone other than themselves challenge

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Solarpunk propaganda idea: architectural photography with life giving infrastructure, plants and art drawn on top.

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