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I like my new profile picture! Somehow, I feel like the purple-pink chives flower manages to represent my masculinity.


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Quick, temporary #FreeRadical policy update:

Effective immediately, medical advice regarding #COVID19 not sourced from legitimate scientific or medical outlets is forbidden content. If you see someone advocating essential oils or colloidal silver or other junk quackery, please report it.

This is not a free speech zone. Misinformation that makes people dead is not “oh well we all have opinions”.

Other #admins, I beg that you please consider a similar policy.

Remember when Evo Morales was coup'd and the white libs and leftists jumped up saying "look.. i dont suport latin american coups... BUUTTT.. hes corrupt, the elections were rigged, he had to go!" because they were consuming anti-indigenous and anti-leftist propaganda from media

And then after the violent anti-indigenous fascist coup was carried out there was a series of investigations that found their was no corruption or fraud present in the voting process.

Remember that?

Remember that.

If anyone needs to know, I'll be going as good as offline for the next 12-14 hours.

I'm also catchable on my main @zatnosk by then.

My hot takes on voting as an act 


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Is afrofuturism an american thing?

Is it a thing outside the african-american diaspora?

anarchism, history; question 




my tax system is simple: it's called the Blue Shell method. At the end of every day, we fuckin blow up the richest person and redistribute their wealth, until there's no more billionaires.

Sure, we could axe all the billionaires all at once, but I like imagining what they'd do to each other as they scrambled to duck out of first place.

In conclusion: Staying alive is solarpunk as fuck.

So stay punk as fuck, and solar to the molar*!

(* Possibly dorky parallel to "armed to the teeth", but fewer weapons and more greens)

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Probably shortest manifesto I will ever write:

Cyberpunk is our past.
Solarpunk is our future.

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If you really have to replace some of the letters in "fuck" with asterixes (asterii?), why not make it *u**?

Then it could plausible also be burn, turn, dump, rush, etc.

Radical, active listening is sooooo hard, but very often extremely worth it. I've learned a lot from PoC here on Mastodon already, so I just want to throw a small "thank you" into the ether.

Thank you :blobheartcat:

Fuck a world of forced specialization. You can be a farmer AND a philosopher. You can be a carpenter and a portraitist. You can be a lawyer and an electrician. You can be a mycologist and a flautist, a bookbinder and a skateboarder, a chemist and a stripper, an upholsterer and an Aramaic scholar, a gymnast and a fisherman. You can be so many things, any combination of things that you love or like or are interested in or want to try. Idgaf! If you only want to do one thing? That's fucking awesome and good too!

But I refuse to accept a world where a farmer must be just a farmer, a carpenter just a carpenter. Labors of body, mind, and spirit can all fit together, no matter what capitalism says.


anarchist history 

tfw the desire to build intentional communities clash with the anxiety and disinterest in interacting with strangers in a physical space

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