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Botanical drawing of an onion plant (Allium Cepa) from "La Flore Des Environs De Paris" (1776)

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@zatnosk @piponfishing I've heard good things about "the humanure handbook". You can buy the book, but it's apparently also available for free

I read about it first in moneyless manifesto I think. Here's the relevant chapter

LB: Despite having tooted about my idea for a continuous anarcho-socialist festival on my main account, I feel like the thought fits in better over here.

Do any of y'all sunbeamers have experience running multiday events / camps / festivals?

I'm interested in hashing out how this could be realised, although I know that it can't possibly be more than a hypothetical for me for at least five to ten years yet.

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#CrazyIdea : A continuous festival, where the campsite / festival grounds is owned by a participant owned coop, and you become a member of the coop by [participating in/buying tickets for] ten weeks - doesn't have to be continuous weeks, could be a week a year or two weeks every couple of months or whatever.

The goal of the festival is to be an ongoing incubator for anarchistic societies and decentralized living.

I have more concept than I can put in words here. Please ask questions.

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I'm so here for the anti-cap discourse. Some general points, shouted at the ether:
1. Solarpunk IS political. Always.
2. Capitalism is unsustainable, and thus not solarpunk.
3. Anarchy and capitalism are incongruous because of capitalism's need for hierarchal distribution of power.
4. Being able to go your own way, create as you see fit, and specialize within your industry is not inherently capitalist in nature.
5. I love you all, even if you like capitalism. Because you're here with us.

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If you are interested in growing your own food, I highly recommend growing Sorrel. It's a hardy perennial, so comes back each year, & you can even harvest it in mild winters.

It's so easy to grow, & apart from watering it in to get it going, doesn't need much attention after that.

It has a wonderful lemony tang to it. I use it as a Spinach/Chard substitute.

If you want to know more about it, I blogged about it a couple of years ago, here:

Having a single leek in a pot is quite charming, if I may say so.

Oh hello, Sunbeam City!
I see a bunch of new sunbeamers (that's our demonym, right?) have arrived.

Does anyone care to suggest themselves to be followed? I'm especially interested in people who have solarpunky or solarpunk-adjacent projects.

But to be clear, I haven't done any energy calculations or ecosystem studies, so there might be variables I don't know about or some numbers might be off by an order of magnitude, making all of this impossible.

But I dream.

If passive heating and optimised light sources are possible, I'm hoping it would be feasible to have planting area be larger than the dedicated solar cells necessary to run the complex. Lights could maybe be dimmed or off for long periods where plants doesn't need photosynthesis, saving even more energy then.

And if the planting area is stacked on top of itself, the solar cells could be the roof of the complex, and we'd ideally have a food source more efficient than an equal open-air field.

Interestingly, in the three weeks since I posted the parent post, I've been thinking loosely on how I'd like to design . And I'm leaning more and more towards more than .

I'm imagining a building designed for passive heating, so it'd be able to maintain a 20°C - 25°C temperature range* with minimal energy input (ideally no energy input towards heating).

The grow environments would have artificial lighting optimised for photosynthesis.

I'm in a game design mood.

What would a look like?

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really it was masanobu fukuoka who set me free with his book 'one straw revolution' (

i've only ever read the introduction and the first chapter. that did it. then i went with confidence and ease.

I have a long-term dream of building and documenting what I want to call an .
Basically a small scale greenhouse, but with opaque walls and with light and nutrients supplied artificially and in a controlled fashion.
The first attempt will probably use dirt as growth medium, but any attempts are years in the future for me (due to time and resources).

The goal is well-documented DIY modules for .

We have the technology, we just need to collate the knowledge.

I also need to decide wHether I'm tired or very tired.

I just picked up an EUR pallet, that my father-in-law had in excess at his workplace.
Now we just need to decide wether we make another high-bed / plant-box or do something else with it.

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Take me down to where the grass is green and the sunlight powers our technology.

I've seen a few people here and elsewhere talk about zines. I have a basic grasp of what that is, but I'm curious about how y'all have used zines.

What's the format?
What did you write?
How did you distribute?
And not least _why_ did you do it?

I didn't get around to post pictures from our building, filling and planting of/in the new EUR-pallet mini garden.

But we did it all yesterday, and I did take a few good pictures along the way. The last few days have just been so busy.

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Some point in the near future, I'd like to start some kind of comprehensive resource list or directory of info, tools, and organisations that can help a person translate discussion and theory into direct action in their community. A wiki perhaps? Not sure. Does such a thing already exist?

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