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I like my new profile picture! Somehow, I feel like the purple-pink chives flower manages to represent my masculinity.


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This account is as good as unused, so I'm deactivating it. I'll be over on my main at

it says something about how active I am in here that my most recent notification is a reply from april 4th.

Quick, temporary #FreeRadical policy update:

Effective immediately, medical advice regarding #COVID19 not sourced from legitimate scientific or medical outlets is forbidden content. If you see someone advocating essential oils or colloidal silver or other junk quackery, please report it.

This is not a free speech zone. Misinformation that makes people dead is not “oh well we all have opinions”.

Other #admins, I beg that you please consider a similar policy.

If anyone needs to know, I'll be going as good as offline for the next 12-14 hours.

I'm also catchable on my main by then.

My hot takes on voting as an act 

Does voting legitimize a shitty system? I've asked myself that a lot, but the truth is, they don't care. Who exactly would they legitimize it to? The government doesn't actually have to answer to anyone except people within it, or hostile foreign powers. "Politics flows from the barrel of a gun," says Mao, and it's hard to find fault with that. Still, if my vote causes just a little more cold sweat on the brow of a shitfuck politician, it's a worthwhile act.


These questions are borne from a frustration that intersects in unknown-to-me ways with my anti-racist and international ideals.

I want to listen to wise people, when they talk about how to improve human society.

But I don't want to take instructions from USA-ans steeped in USA-an culture and biases.

I want to be able to have my own danish culture, and improve it to exist in cooperation and alongside all the other cultures on this earth.

American Imperialism is not welcome here. And unfortunately, imperialism is intertwined with and has tainted most of USA-an culture, and I struggle to distinguish it as an outsider.

In conclusion, there's a tangle of difficult and hard intersections here.
I want to support some concepts, but struggle against other concepts, and they're all intertwined. Fuck

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Is afrofuturism an american thing?

Is it a thing outside the african-american diaspora?

anarchism, history; question 

Has there been any anarchic organizations controlling (small) country sized regions of land, that succumbed to internal problems rather than being shut down by external force / violence / armies?

I don't know much about the history of anarchism, so I'm depending on input here.


Sometimes I'm a tiny bit fascinated by how people talking about politics in USA seem to imply that there's any significant difference between liberals and conservatives.

The common political spectrum in Scandinavia is very clear that both liberals and conservatives are right wing ideologies, and at least in Denmark, traditionally working together.

I see two large differences that might muddle this image:

1) Conservatives in Denmark are very weak politically (<10%, never been above 25% in 100 years)

2) The left wing as we see it in Denmark (SocDem + Workers Movements + "Other Socialists") is almost not represented in USA, letting liberals (i.e. Democrats) claim to be "The Left".


So, who gets to be president if/when Trump is impeached?

Bonus question:
Does this improve anything?


I'm trying to think of effective weapons against fascism that can be summed up in "slogans", and I can only come up with two:

Deplatforming Works!

Empathy is a skill that needs to be taught and trained.

Does anyone around here have additions / suggestions?

my tax system is simple: it's called the Blue Shell method. At the end of every day, we fuckin blow up the richest person and redistribute their wealth, until there's no more billionaires.

Sure, we could axe all the billionaires all at once, but I like imagining what they'd do to each other as they scrambled to duck out of first place.

In conclusion: Staying alive is solarpunk as fuck.

So stay punk as fuck, and solar to the molar*!

(* Possibly dorky parallel to "armed to the teeth", but fewer weapons and more greens)

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Probably shortest manifesto I will ever write:

Cyberpunk is our past.
Solarpunk is our future.

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If you really have to replace some of the letters in "fuck" with asterixes (asterii?), why not make it *u**?

Then it could plausible also be burn, turn, dump, rush, etc.

Radical, active listening is sooooo hard, but very often extremely worth it. I've learned a lot from PoC here on Mastodon already, so I just want to throw a small "thank you" into the ether.

Thank you :blobheartcat:


I think we should bring back zeppelins to replace aeroplanes. Hear me out...

• Uses hydrogen for lift, which can easily be produced by electrolysing water using photovoltaic energy

• Can be driven by electric motors, which are much more efficient than any combustion engine

• Lots of area for thin film solar panels to power them

• Can be designed in ways to prevent potential Hindenburg-like incidents

• Air travel without huge CO2 emissions

• Quieter and less hazardous to birds

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