I'm sorry to all those I have made feel excluded and those who have been made to feel like their experience is not valid.

I believe that trans women/men are woman/men respectively and I wouldn't think of attempting to deny that fact.

I don't believe that trans women being women is a "grey area". I wanted to educate those who do. I poorly worded my toot.

Again, I'm sorry if I caused you any feelings of anger or exclusion and won't engage in attracting any further TERF engagement on sbc.

[fr] J’ai une camarade trans qui est vraiment en situation précaire en ce moment. Si votre situation financière vous le permet, n’hésitez pas à lui donner un peu d’argent.

[en] I have a trans comrade who is in a really complicated financial situation right now. If don't have any money problem yourself, maybe you could consider giving her something?


If you didn't vote.

But then you complain about the state of affairs in today's fucked up society.

You should vote if you want to complain, you should vote if you want things to change, you should vote if you don't like what you currently see in government. Actually, you should vote, period.

End of rant.

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The likelihood of getting sick is higher because they both can't afford healthcare and also don't have time to cook a healthy meal so it's either TV dinners or buying from a fast-food chain. Again, they work SEVERAL low-paying jobs.

This is the result of capitalism unchecked. This is the result of tax-loopholes, of catering to big business, of catering to the rich and famous, and then idolizing the rich and famous. You put them there, you stood silently as the RAF were catered to[4/x]

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Didn't land a job in their field. They live paycheck to paycheck and don't get to go on vacations. They happened to land a job that pays decently well, and they can sustain themselves if not giving into carnal desires such as always buying out at fast food restaurants, etc.

The pure poor, they're obviously the worst off. They work several low-paying jobs because they've got a family to feed. They might have a high school diploma but where they live, jobs that require one are sparing [3/x]

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Look at the uber wealthy. *Most*, not all, of them don't work nearly as hard as the well-off, and are even less likely to work as hard as the struggling or the pure poor.

What do the other groups look like? The well-off are those who were able to put themselves through college and/or university AND land a job in their field. They worked hard and were rewarded for their efforts.

The struggling, well they either only have a high school diploma or have a degree and [2/x]

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Wasn't sure whether to put this on main or here, but I decided here was best, because activism.

Capitalism never works in a utilitarian manner. I'm not against capitalism, I'm also not for communism. I think that somewhere in between is the best of situations.

Capitalism unchecked is what results in the disparate wealth classes we have today. You're in one of four groups: The uber wealthy, well-off, struggling, or just pure poor.

Capitalism unchecked is not a meritocracy. [1/x]

Do some just not understand the difference between erotic and pornographic?

Alright you goblins, I’ll have the same @, I’ll be on anarchism.space or bofa.lol or witches.live but this is the end of my social
good day and fuck white peoples

went back on .social to yell fuck white people and boost a load of other people yelling too, should i get rid of my .social now? how do i do that?

it's all fine to say "fuck white people" but those are just words and i prefer to let my actions speak for me by having sex with white people

As a cis white male person, I gotta say: fuck white people.

fuck white people 

and fuck me, specifically.

anti-white rhetoric, sex 

please dont fuck white people

we musnt be allowed to reproduce

I'm a black dude from Detroit, and I don't hate white people nearly as much as the rest of Mastadon. 😂

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