Prioritise contentment
Enjoy happiness, it is fleeting
But contentment can persist
Find a facet you are content with
And carry it about your day
Let it bask in the sunlight
Wash it in the rain
And let that part of you be

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Family are visiting my house so I’m just hiding upstairs and pretending I don’t exist. Y’know, just normal things :moomin_sad:

Too tired to stand and go to bed
Everythought whirling through my head
Until tomorrow, friends
Let the night inside
And let the world bide,

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I will never get over the gag of, if your story is set in space, prefixing nouns with "space"

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i can't believe i let my goshdarn motherflipper swearing license expire

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@bumblebees This might be helpful now, or else later when you gain more confidence: stuff rots. It’s inevitable. Pile it up. Wait patiently. Forget about it. Come back in a year or two. Voila! Compost.

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This is a test of the stupid thing. If you’re seeing this, the sutpid thing is fixed, and I’m not a hapy camper, just less of a cranky bastard.

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I've been vegetarian for a little over two years now, but I usually lie + exaggerate that number in public because the only thing more exhausting than THAT conversation is the "how long have you known?" bit once someone finds out I'm not straight


Not being from the US I don’t know how much of the Kesh culture would be familiar to someone from the US and how much would be new.
Some of it seems reminiscent of North American indigenous culture but I know next to nothing about it, and most of what I do know is from white culture representations so probably mostly wrong.

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Twitter refugee from white supremacists and transphobes signing in

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