I'm working on a variation of the Sun Elves for the campaign that I'm in and my bf is running. Long story short, I am making them based off of sub-Saharan Africa in terms of culture and appearance (with Solarpunk elements). Everytime I think about it I get pretty jazzed, but trying to do a write-up is overwhelming because I have to turn all my abstract ideas into something solid and comprehensible. Can't I just show everyone my Pinterest board and call it a day?


Also, an ongoing worry that the less-melanated in the group are going to be terrible about it. Pessimistic? Maybe. Paranoid? Misplaced? Probably not.

@whyvoneenee this is a mood but I believe in you 🙌🏾

Thanks! Wish I could draw/paint but I am a stereotypical graphic designer. Hopefully pics will come!

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