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Hi! 👋
My name is Marga and I’m new on, just moved here from, so it’s time for an . I’m interested in:

(don’t know a lot about it yet)

(but only if they’re nice)

Not necessarily in that order, and it’s probably also not a complete list.

Thanks to the people for hosting my new account!☀️🏡

Just learned there is a chance that my instance might close down - if that’s the case: my former account is redirecting to my current one - I will change the redirect from there to a new one so people can find me.

Heard a New Zealander say “the deck is bigger than the house” in a show about tiny houses, and we couldn’t stop laughing. Yep I’m 12. 😜

Of course after a little over half an hour it started to rain, and gardening in the rain always seems to take twice as much energy for only half the fun. I did clean up almost half of one of my raised beds, and I put some winter peas and snow peas on a moist paper towel to germinate. It’s a start! 🌱😊

If the weather is somewhat cooperative tomorrow, I’m going to kick off the new season for my veggie garden. Sowing some stuff and making a planning. Looking forward to it! 😊

Hi! I’ve been gone for a while - how are things on Mastodon?

I wish there was a way to not show what other people that I follow, boosted on mastodon

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@whakkee A pleasant tune hung in the air of the house as she entered the foyer. She smiled to herself. That must mean Marga was home.

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@MoMartin I love these! Such fun to read! If you feel like introducing me too, that’d be nice :)

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If you comment, I will write a sentence of how I'd introduce you in a novel.

And in the mean time, while I’m trying to do my work, this guy just sits there, laughing at me

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"You know why they're called baby boomers, right? Because the tiniest little prick to their ego and boom! They become babies!"

G👀gle acquired FitBit so now I have closed my account there and have a fitbit charge 3 for sale. Also an inspire hr and a scale. Dm me if you’re interested

‪Today my daughter received her MYP (IB middle year’s program) diploma. Proud mom! (Also: I feel oooold now 👵🏻😜)‬

I loved hanging out with the puffins on Orkney. Maybe I can go back someday

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climate emergency 

This is great. Terrifying, but great.

I just sooo want the next sentence to be “I need no sympathy”

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Not spending money is a non-optional part of a general strike. During strikes you can't cross the picket line, and during general strikes the picket line is everywhere

Don't feel bad if there's an unavoidable expense, but just try to avoid consumption as much as possible. If there's anything you're going to need next week, stock up on it now

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