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@wendy_moo_moo maybe try whatever Antergos turned into. It was kinda nice using something Arch-based. It's kind of a lot to keep up with, but I learned some stuff.

So Ubuntu and Nvidia are fighting again. Thinking about playing around with a new Linux OS. Any suggestions?

Just wondering how you guys feel about Disney+? So many people are interested in the amount of content available, but I think it is a shame that one company owns these ips. This is a company that has pushed back on getting these ips into the public domain. Just wished people were more informed.

Did the big girl thing and removed the tumblr app on my phone. In my pursuit for open source apps, tumblr really doesn't fit in the picture. Now, to take the next step and get rid of my account. Not sure if i am ready yet, but i am not feeling comfortable with the possible changes that may come from the aquisition.

Thinking about trashing my tumblr. There are a few really good posters on there, but i am getting tired of the junk and the ads. Can someone give me some pros for dropping the platform?

Wanted to share some of my plants with everyone. Please share your plants :)

So i am figuring out how to respond, so please give me some feedback if i did something incorrect in that resoect. @puffinus_puffinus cool! @Fenris what are some of your favorites? @avalon i have not heard of k-9. One of my favorite apps is Red Moon where it tints my screen between the hours of 10pm-6am.

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Been gradually replacing my apps on my phone with open source apps. Oh how i do enjoy f-droid! Curious if any of you are doing the same?

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@softgirlsmatter turned me on to For the Wild podcast

so now I'm down a rabbit hole of eco-podcasts and stumbled across Daughters of Madre Earth

"Daughters of Madre Earth is a podcast hosted by Chinantec in Diaspora (Stacy) & Jessica Hernandez that focuses on indigenous womxn and queer kinships with Mother Earth."


I just wanted to introduce myself before i started responding. My name is Wendy from California. I am a math student who loves to craft and open source. Pleased to meet you!

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