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Voting with your money is a self perpetuating closed loop system that reinforces...



Psst... It's wiki cleanup day. Will you be there?

A survey of left accelerationism by Acid Horizon.

Covers several texts including Grundrisse, Capitalist Realism, Terminator vs Avatar and many other great texts

community meeting Saturday November 21st at 12pm CST, 6pm GMT, 5pm CET

Please join us if you want to help figure out the future of this instance.

Did y’all meet for the community thing this morning?

Our community meeting was badly planned and the Jitsi instance was down so we will reschedule this meeting and give more warning that its happening so more people can be involved. Organization is hard...

signed -@liaizon

Regarding #youtubedl situation, I strongly recommend watching Good Copy Bad Copy:

You can watch it on #PeerTube thanks to @documentaries here:

Or just torrent it, as the GCBC creators suggest themselves.

One of the best moments is when an MPAA chief talks about how people won't share things for free, and you watch it in a film explicitly made to be shared on a FLOSS operating system using VLC.

We need #copyreform.

Zoom censoring Palestine (again)

"Zoom unilaterally canceled the University of Hawai'i event on Wednesday, two days before the webinar—mirroring its actions against San Francisco State, with reports of other cancelations today including at NYU, where Senior Staff Attorney Radhika Sainath is scheduled to speak. Facebook also deleted an event at the University of Western Ontario within hours of it being posted, and organizers had their accounts immediately disabled."

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resetting the password to @News so we can start using it for sunbeam news again

Hey everyone, we're going to have a community day on October 11th. Basically just a fun way to chat with everyone on Jitsi and talk about solarpunk stuff. :)

Tomorrow @RadioAngel, @kawaiipunk, @squeakypancakes and myself will be meeting to talk about how to move the collective forward. If you have any interest in joining our Jitsi meeting please let us know.

Raise hell in Kenosha. Solidarity with everyone showing up after another terrible and racist shooting.

If you are there protesting right now and need legal help for bail or lawyer contacts check out the Milwaukee Freedom Fund's help request form here:

#ACAB :acab: :ancom:

Sorry everyone! was down for 4 hours! It was all my fault! I had the GoDaddy account set with an old insecure password and someone in France logged in and changed all the DNS settings. Saw a ping on Element from @squeakypancakes but they had already gone to sleep. So I had to figure out what was wrong myself. Thanks to @pfx for the help too!

(tagging my main account here to get notifications

hey do either of you two lovely people have any interest in helping figure out the future of sunbeam? @notplants @powersource

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