When We Lose the Ability to Be Shocked, Fascism Has Already Arrived | Institute for Social Ecology —
"According to the clever people, fascism was impossible in the West. Clever people have always made things easy for barbarians, because they are so stupid”
Horkheimer and Adorno (2002, 173) (victormagalhaes.codes/bookmark)

The new reality: this is Australia at 1°C warming - Kai Brach - Medium — The unprecedented disaster unfolding in Australia has so far destroyed an area twice the size of Belgium and killed close to a billion animals.
A ser continuado… (victormagalhaes.codes/bookmark)

Post de Venkatesh Rao do Ribbonfarm sobre hiperlinks e como eles tornam a web uma mídia à parte, e seus efeitos sobre retórica e consumo de conteúdo, e sobre como cada navegação na Web é um livro infinito sem começo nem fim.


Studying beyond education for a world beyond capitalism | ROAR Magazine —
Sobre como a educação superior nos coloniza com um ideal romântico-liberal colonial, nos aliena de nossa capacidade de construir conhecimento, nos separa entre uns bons e os ruins e nos insere num esquema de débito e crédito (de nota), pelo autor de Beyond Education: Radical Studying for Another World.
The education romance is part of what I call “an epistemology of educated ignorance” — ways of… victormagalhaes.codes/bookmark

@garfiald it's not quite the same, but every time I have to type a lowercase letter + diacritic and the diacritic needs shift to be pressed, I:
- turn caps lock on
- type the diacritic and the letter with shift on
- turn caps lock off
because otherwise I always ended up adding the letter in uppercase

AMA, I guess?

The worship of billionaires like Jeff Bezos has become our worst religion | The Outline —

¯_(ツ)_/¯ (victormagalhaes.codes/bookmark)

@kioskwitch No I hand't, and it's neat! Nice to change my playlist for once 😆

@kioskwitch just heard it and fête de trop is really nice! would you be so kind as to recommend good french pop music?

I've tried to find it to get to practice hearing french and couldn't find much that wasn't either chanson or covers of anglophone music

Thanks! 😊

vhfmag :ecoanarchism: boosted

bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

To illustrate 2. with some examples:

- discussing Google products that rely on datamining: just tech
- discussing privacy/the con side of datamining: politics

- discussing Palantir's cool software automation: just tech
- discussing software challenges in a global world with differing laws and human rights standards: ew politics

- discussing RMS's political views on software: just tech
- discussing gender problems in tech: politics

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