@kioskwitch No I hand't, and it's neat! Nice to change my playlist for once 😆

@kioskwitch just heard it and fête de trop is really nice! would you be so kind as to recommend good french pop music?

I've tried to find it to get to practice hearing french and couldn't find much that wasn't either chanson or covers of anglophone music

Thanks! 😊

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Direct Action 101:

"After homeless people's sleeping area is blocked with rocks to prevent them from sleeping there, people in German city get together to help, carry rocks to the city hall as a protest and completely rid the sleeping area from rocks."

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bro says "I just want to discuss technology" 

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@year_2038 and I think it's worth it taking these "human nature" arguments with a grain of salt. Are those backed by anthropological evidence? Otherwise, they can be just as easily attributed to culture (even if it's noticed across cultures - the whole "civilized" world is ingrained with western values), in which case we do have a choice

@year_2038 I think maybe the choice of words sounds naïve (let's get rid of hierarchy!) but that the point (that power shouldn't have a rigid, contextless structure but a dynamic, contextual, fluid, adaptative one) quite compelling

I just found out about crimethinc.com and they're amazing: crimethinc.com/tce

Anything else I'm missing out on?

@unseelie I'm not, generally 😆 but I'm interested enough on the matter to watch them, so thank you very much

Any good resources out there on antifa? I've been hearing about it for years now and yet know almost nothing about it

@Ethancdavenport yeah, I ended up regretting the tone of this toot. It's more like "the single event that, if happened, would have the greatest impact on our political situation". I may delete it 😕

birdsite, misinformation, fake news 

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