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I just found out about crimethinc.com and they're amazing: crimethinc.com/tce

Anything else I'm missing out on?

Any good resources out there on antifa? I've been hearing about it for years now and yet know almost nothing about it

birdsite, misinformation, fake news 

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A toot's got me wondering about the nature of consent in a specific way; I won't ever have an Alexa or anything like it, and maybe you won't either; but other people will.

And now I'm thinking, if you have one of these lumps of spyware in your home, should you be *required* to offer a formal warning to any visitors? I think so; you're required to place CCTV warnings if you run CCTV, and if anything systems like Alexa are more invasive, not less.

The data from a CCTV system might never leave the premises; the data from these "assistants" goes **directly** to servers outside either your *or* your host's control, where your voice may be datamined for any damned purpose the server owners choose.

Don't feel bad about saying "I don't wanna come over, you've got an Alexa running." It's not paranoia to be creeped out by AIs (or persons) unknown listening to your private conversations. It's *normal*. You don't *need* anything to "hide" for you desire not to *share* to be valid.

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If you're not in favour of universal and unconditional:

🍍 Housing
🍍 Drinkable water
🍍 Food
🍍 Medical care
🍍 Income

If it's your considered belief that some people literally deserve to die of starvation or exposure or something because they aren't good enough at *making money*:

You're a monster, please un-follow me

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"greed" and capitalism 

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This is absolutely stunning and incredible: howhatesleeps.com/index.html

I project by Emily Gorcenski

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1000+ arrested at Moscow protest 

Is there a safe harbor in the world for when the fascists go full fledged?

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Much easier than regulating to break up Facebook, just regulate to force them to make an API for us to get data in and out. We can break them up ourselves once we have that.

They used to have one, and IndieWeb was doing pretty well with that until FB decided to turn it off. Now *that's* monopolistic behaviour and anti-trust.

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coming up with first mockups on a completely free and opensource/noncommercial language learning platform, yah!


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Therapist: and what do we do when we feel like this?

Me: recognise the systemic and material conditions that has led to my sense of alienation.

Therapist: yes

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RT @ConMijente@twitter.com
BREAKING: @anduriltech@twitter.com, the firm founded by @PalantirTech@twitter.com vets, just secured a $13.5M contract w/the Marines for autonomous surveillance towers at 4 military bases, including a border base.

This is our future—omniscient surveillance of everyone in range. mijente.net/andurilcontract

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We are almost at 10% of our Patreon goal to sustain full time development!

Every dollar helps.


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It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

Aaaaaaaand paulrobertlloyd.github.io/indi has come to my attention and all of a sudden I have micropub too. I love open source and standards

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