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Hi, I'm turtlebird!

I'm interested in talking about cooperatives, decolonisation, eco-communism, labour organising, fibre arts, tabletop RPG design & theory, and those cool birds I saw in the park the other day!

I once shared the same name as a tropical storm, but then it got downgraded to a tropical depression.

Which seemed somehow appropriate to me.

Went shopping with my partner and I look forward to publishing my thinkpiece titled "I Spent A Whole Day Looking For A Women's Suit That Isn't Stupid Looking: How I Learned About The Plight of Women"

my hot take on content warnings 

"Your pronouns are hard."
"Please, these aren't even my battle pronouns."

This is my most grown-up account and I'm not certain how I feel about that

going to see the ocean. please leave any messages you'd like me to deliver

World Cup 

plant death shitpost 

One of the best times I ever had with friends was our anarchist football (soccer) league. The way it worked was whenever someone got tired, they took a break, and whomever was taking a break previously replaced them. By the end of the game the team composition was always completely different from when it started.

It ends not with a bang, but with fierce litigation

unvaccinated people put kids, the elderly, the sick and immunocompromised, the disabled and health care workers at unneeded risk. We've got enough real public health problems without inventing new ones.

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