For real though, anyone wanna start a tech-coop with me?

Explicitly decolonial/intersectional solarpunk/ecosocialist work in the commons to build counter-power. Would strongly prefer to work with other queer/trans comrades.

Slide into these dms

what about a cabal chat for people interesting in starting/joining coops which are explicitly organised for decolonial/intersectional solarpunk/ecosocialist work in the commons to build counter-power?

a way for people to find eachother?

cabal is like p2p slack


@tulsi I'm only good at front-end web dev, but I'd be happy to help!

@tulsi haha - keep me in the loop if anything gets started - i'll be around

@tulsi I don't know, do you need someone into biomedical engineering ?

@tulsi or you could join our already existing tech co-op :blobderpy:

@tulsi obvs it is trans and queer folx already :blobderpy:

@tulsi @Sireffe

Maybe we could do a call in Mumble or Jitsi this week to discuss more?

We are basically looking for a new direction/new energy.

@tulsi @Sireffe Thursday or Friday would be best for me. We just need to workout time with timezones permitting.

@kawaiipunk @tulsi sure either is good for me. I’m in UTC-6 (central time) and would be available after 6pm locally

@Sireffe @kawaiipunk I could doFriday after 6:00 pm UTC 6. I'm on UTC 5

@tulsi @Sireffe sorry you're gonna have to help me here! Timezones melt my mind. I'm on UTC. Would that be midnight for me? :psyduck:

@kawaiipunk @tulsi oh no prob time zones are the worst. Yes that would be midnight. I can do earlier I’ll just have to leave work early is all which is no big deal.

@kawaiipunk @tulsi I'm interested in learning about what comes out of this. Trying to figure out where to best direct my energies for the near future.


i'm working on some plans to build a housing coop and an energy production coop (high tech bio-digester that produces methane from garbage) in rural oregon. maybe farming and other things, but the overall goal is a fully autonomous micro-grid architecture based on publicly available libre designs and research.

maybe we can team up?

@xj9 yeah we have a lot of overlap. I'm in early talks to start an intentional community on some land in montana. We'd be building our own structures. I could definitely see us working together


hella! one of my personal goals is to set up a global network of groups like yours and mine (and foolab in montreal) that can collaborate over mesh to share experiences, data, and research.

a lot of this is already possible to some extent, but i'm hoping that my research has the kind of impact that will give us a significant edge over default.

@tulsi @xj9 I am also VERY into this. I'm interested in building semi-autonomous water and electric systems, and am working with from comrades to start an intentionally community in Kentucky/Indiana.

@Zuph @xj9 my last job was making mapping/work sharing software for gas/water/electric/transportation utilities. Definitely have lots of overlap

@tulsi @xj9 Awesome! I'm very interested in microgrids and combining small solar, wind, and various storage methods to make more resilient small communities and networks of communities.

Also rainwater collection, storage, filtering, and sanitizing. But I recognize that's unique to water rights and climate change forecasts to my region.

I know of one group forming on farmland in Kentucky, maybe yall can team up, hmu for deets

@tulsi im interested, but i dont have a lot of experience outside of my cs degree

@tulsi if I woudn't work in a very nice place which does good things I would DM you in no time!

@charlag πŸ’š well now I'm interested. what are you working on?

@tulsi this is like the first time i reply to your posts, but this seems rlly interesting!

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