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omigosh, I have my first date-like construct in 8 years tonight!!! :o

wish me luck πŸ’œ

Recomendations for durable earphones?
It turns out i treat my headphones super roughly. And ive broken the last two pairs ive had.
Anyone got recs for durable ones? Im willing to spend a bit more for something that will last
I tend to use wired earbuds, but im open to wireless ones as well

Reminder: you don't need to justify your boundaries to others.

I use a trick though, where I interleave 15 minute segments of something fun / exciting to me between tasks, so it doesn't feel like an endless pile of work.

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I feel like an alien on a peculiar, unknown planet. :/

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I don't think I understand what "romance" is.

My best explanation has always been "the re-enactment of tropes from media that are socially coded as romantic". Buying flowers, doing the Lady & the Tramp pasta thing, etc. But it's just.. mimicry! Interested in others' hopefully more nuanced thoughts on this.

sometimes (ok, often) I get surprised by the kinds of cool sci-fi stuff that already exists.

for example: we already have ION THRUSTERS!? :o

watching Steven Universe is such joyful self-care ⭐ 🌭

low-tech computing, sailing, bushcraft-y stuff, foraging, etc etc etc

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I've been daydreaming a bit lately about a 'solarpunk school' that's a collection of either/both of online workshops that folx record + share, and also a directory of local meet-ups for in-person skill-/knowledge-shares

all geared around solarpunk-y topics

uxn thoughts 

I wish we (as a community) had benchmarks for performance of uxn on various old hardware. It would be helpful to know, in particular, the performance of sprite drawing & pixel drawing on various platforms.

I think that if we're developing uxn software with old hardware in mind, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that we're all(?) doing it on super-fast computers made in the last 20 years. It lowers our odds of what we make being able to run on actual old hardware considerably.

mental health, intergenerational trauma 

this evening on: things that made kira cry

mental health 

lots of mental health & parts work today. exhausted but it was good work πŸ’«

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