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Curious if it's possible to get a smaller hello world uxntal program than 25 bytes 😈

;text @loop
LDAk #18 DEO
LDAk ,loop JCN
@text "Hello 20 "world 00

"My heart is so small it's almost invisible. How can You place such big sorrows in it? "Look," He answered, "your eyes are even smaller, yet they behold the world." -- Rumi

Dead End: Paranormal Park 

Fuck Netflix, but also this show is breath of fresh air for explicit trans representation! The animation and music is gorgeous as well, and the character designs are delightful!

It's some work to add, and isn't something people usually explicitly notice in a game, but it adds a definite *gamefeel* that I've come to appreciate.

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Updated the lil tile map renderer to have camera movement inertia. 😎

Thanks for all of the sweet words y'all 💙

It wasn't a good match for me, but I did manage to get out and LOOK at one, so that's not nothing. It did take a really heavy toll on my mental health though. Cities are so intense to me. 😔

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Going to go see an apt this morning! Feeling skeptical, but wish me luck. 🌧️

dall-e is an impressive technological marvel, but DID YOU KNOW: for a nominal fee, you can hire unfathomably talented artists living in poverty to render any and all of your invasive thoughts NO QUESTIONS ASKED

anyone have links to any good articles about going through the name change process in the uk?

like some nice personal blog which documents difficulties and dealing with banks, passports, and so on.

i've tried searching but mostly am getting or similar stuff

thanks <3

Sometimes I think about how basically everybody alive has been around for less than 100 years.

We're all in the same living cohort of humans.

Nobody here was alive "in the old days" of humanity or really knows better: we're all just a bunch of kids who happen to be alive briefly for an overlapping period in time.

This actually makes me feel more connected to others. 💙

Maybe I should've just asked: how do you build queer community while not living in the city?

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Has anyone solved the "I don't want to live in the city, but I want to make local queer community, and the queers are in the city" problem?

Ugh, cuz I really want community but REALLY don't wanna live in the city. 😞

uxn humour 

i call this "uxn death race"

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uxn humour 

You know, if you just treat address #0100 as the start of your heap, your code execution will *probably* race downward faster than your allocations, right? 😉

Honestly, after getting so much great advice, my conclusion is that I'm not ready to take on starting such an undertaking! 😵 💫

I have a lot of growing & wisdom-gathering to do before I think I can pull this off, but especially I think I need some good trusted local friends to help get the whole thing started, which I haven't established here yet.

Thank you so much for the words y'all! I've put them away for future reference. :3

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Big topics in my mind:

1. How to pick the right people? What red flags to look out for? What are good questions to ask folx?

2. How to go about setting up house rules & systems that keep us all accountable to each other?

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