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Uh oh. I wonder if Apple noticed my xdotool automation script and locked me out? Or if this is just slipshod software.

Writing my first `xdotool` automation script to automate getting my hundreds of notes off my old iPhone via iCloud, which staunchly refuses to provide anything resembling a batch export.

It's pretty fun to watch it go! It'll copy the note, switch over to a terminal, open vim, paste the text, quit, rename the file, and then delete the note from icloud and repeat.

Handy script to see the top handful of files in the current directory, when I want to clear out space:

alias bigfiles="du -d 0 * | sort -nr | head"

I spent a little over a week building an escapement wheel mechanism -- the thing that makes mechanical clocks work! -- out of cardboard & spare parts, to see if I could. βš™οΈ πŸ•‘ πŸ› οΈ

And, it works! I mean.. mostly. πŸ˜…

I learned a LOT just trying this. I can't explain the magic of building a machine and watching it just come to life & move on its own. ✨

Video in the replies!

anyone (in the continental u.s.) looking for a roommate? :boost_ok: 

i need to move out from where i'm currently living by september 1st, and i'd really prefer sharing a home with some cool folks over living alone, so if any of y'all might be interested in having me as a roommate, let's chat!

you can find more info here--
--and feel free to ask any questions!

just woke up from a dream in which i'd been drafted for a solo crewed Mars flyby mission, in a rather small ship, lasting three years, because NASA thought it'd be easier to keep one trans girl sane over that period than a regular crew:

"all she needs is estrogen and a Game Boy"

I want to grow bamboo at my new place once I move, because it is basically Magic Fast-Growing Building Material. 🎍

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Upgraded the pulley system mount on my balcony this morning, using found wood & bamboo, in order to water the orange tree. β˜• 🍊

The tin can that's on the pulley has holed nailed into the bottom of it, so I can fill up the can from the door, and wheel it to the other end of the balcony so it can sprinkle out over the tree's soil.

In February our landlord boarded up our balcony one day for "safety reasons" and stranded our plants out there, so I've had to get creative to keep them alive. πŸ› οΈ

OMG y'all, *it works*! Like, I've got it working with the pendulum! ..I mean, mostly. >__>

It's still pretty finnicky & semi-broken, but I'm suuuper jazzed to get it cleaned up so I can share with y'all! πŸ”§ βš™οΈ πŸ•œ

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*is trying to measure an angle in the lab*

*tosses ruler over shoulder* pah, linear measurement, the tool of peasants

*picks up protractor* ah! angular measurement! the tool of kings

Lil video update of where the mechanical clock project is at!

Textual version: the core mechanism of the anchor interacting with the escapement wheel *works*! It only allows one tooth past per tick. I'm having a few other issues that I'm still figuring out though, prominently the pendulum.

This has been a VERY challenging project for my skill level, but it's stimulating sooo many neurons and I'm learning a TON.

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android gripe + interface help request 

I was able to figure it out. It was "long press for symbols". *Naturally*.

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android gripe + interface help request 


Does anyone know if it's possible on the newer version of Android to input symbols by long-pressing on certain keys?

My old android phone would show me =,+,?,etc symbols as hints on the keyboard, but this new phone doesn't and I can't find the config for it.

You: A #trans artist who wants to make a design that is affirmative towards trans people. Like, if you were out walking your dog or going to the shops and you saw it on a light pole, you'd feel happy. Just something saying trans people are cool or valuable or some kind of pro trans vibes.

Me: A guy who wants to print a bunch of stickers and put them up around East London.

I could commission you and do my own printing? What's your rates?

Good morning fedi-friends. β˜€οΈ

How is your day going so far?

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