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Phew, I think it's going to be an early bedtime for Kira. :_moonfog:

Today was really good though! I did a bunch of soldering in the morning out on the balcony while the jays watched with curiosity. :3

Also tried kava for the first time! Seriously chill vibes from that stuff.

we are happy to announce that 'introduction to uxn programming' is now published as an #ebook in #epub, #gempub and #mobi formats!

originally available online as the #uxn tutorial, this is a carefully revised version for you to have it offline and available anytime:

introduction to uxn programming is a beginner's, slow-paced and comprehensive guide of the uxntal programming language and the varvara computer.
written and illustrated by @sejo
foreword by @neauoire


physics / electricity question (watt-hours) 

Ok, so is, e.g. 60 Wh:

1. 60 joules, dissapated over the course of 1 hour?


2. 60 * 3600 = 216,000 joules, dissapated over the course of 1 hour?

It's all set up & works!

You can run it by telling Lambda to "launch mario kart", and terminate with "stop", like media playback. ^__^

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Setting up an N64 emulator and Mario Kart on the living room TV with gamepads as a surprise for my partner when they get home tomorrow.

They πŸ’• Mario Kart. ^___^

That time of the month that I wonder if I'm aro, but then realize I still don't understand what romance *is*, so.. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Reminding myself:

Struggling doesn't mean I'm bad.

Annoying that

`echo "hi" | grep h | notactuallyacommand "beepboop" | cat`

will happily return exit code 0.

Made a little aro flag by needle felting felt sheets together.
It came together pretty quick and im pleased with it. Ive added a brooch backing to it as well

Id love to make up some more. Gonna do an ace flag next. Any suggestions for what to do after?

Blew all of my spoons buying groceries & cooking & baking. πŸ˜…

Soldering will have to wait, but at least I have lots of tasty good food for the week.

morning humyns & otherkin πŸŒ„

what are you up to today?

What kinds of things help you keep your job from sucking up all of your capacity?

I put *way* too much energy in during my first 2 weeks, and couldn't even take care of myself -- outside of the job.

It's tough though: employers can have unreasonable expectations, and I haven't disclosed about my mental health stuff. πŸ˜”

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