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*is wanting to make a small uxn video game, but is having a hard time keeping her ideas from getting too ambitious*

Hey @rek! Have you gotten to play with that sewing machine at all?

The owner of this airbnb I'm at right now has, I kid not, a row of like 6 singer manual machines in the basement here :o

Looking for resources on low-tech sailing? We collect our favourite documentaries, blogs and books here:

I don't know who needs to hear this, but:

you can reuse tea bags

Yes, it works. :o And yes, it is delicious.

oh stars, I've even been *dreaming* in FORTH syntax lately 😿

uxn / programming 

Determining if the 16-bit short on the stack is negative, my iterations:

v1. %NEG2 { SFT2 #0001 EQU2 }

v2. %NEG2 { #8000 AND2 NIP }

v3. %NEG2 { POP #80 AND }

lots of gems in here:

"You can spend your time carefully designing code or trying to debug and improve thoughtless code."

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This is also after working on a codebase that was, including all dependencies down to but not including the C/C++ compilers and binary dependencies installed by my package manager..

App: 179,805 LOC
Deps: 10,042,279 LOC
NodeJS: 7,341,355 LOC

= 17,563,439 LOC

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This quote from made me realize it:

"One of the factors for that third 10x is thoughtful or mindful programming. Pay attention to what you are doing. Don't try to avoid thinking. Programming with thought really is more fun and more rewarding than programming without thought."

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Something that's really stayed with me since writing bunnymark for uxn is how much *thinking* it took to write it.

It's only about 300 lines of code (if you don't count the font data), but that was the most thinking I've done about computing in the last few years of programming, it felt. It was fun thinking, too!

"One of Chuck's principles is that what you take away is more important than what you add. You have to add whatever you need. The problem is that you end up adding a lot of stuff that you didn't intend to add originally but the complexity just demanded it. The more you add the more the complexity demands that you add more and it can easily get out of control. You have to put in what you need but unless you make an effort to take out what you don't [bloat] accumulates."

"At such a scale, achieving optimal performance and reliability becomes nearly impossible because human intercommunication is lossy and inefficient. I think that innovation will come not from writing safer code, but from writing less code."


I bet doing some domming would do wonders for some aspects of my self-esteem, not to mention be fun /w the right person

There are two #uxn #varvara implementations I would like for my #OldHardware :

- classic #Amiga #AmigaOS (e.g. Kickstart 1.3 OCS A500 with 512kB RAM) booting from double-density #FloppyDisk (880kB) interoperable with the OS (no custom disk format), with mouse, keyboard and joystick support (2 mice could be fun, or 2 sticks, depending on the rom). Bonus points if it's portable enough to work on #AROS #x86 with a simple recompile (i.e, uses OS calls instead of custom chip pokes)

- bare metal #i386 (no FPU, 4MB RAM) bootable from double-density floppy (720kB) but maybe also supporting high density (1.44MB), with mouse + keyboard support - probably sensible to start with a DOS version first?

ideally they would persist data back to the boot disk if desired, and/or use a ram disk

is anyone working on these yet? otherwise I may have enough time next summer...

The pinebook struggles at running nearly every application I open.

But somehow it can animate 3000 bunnies, music and do screen recording all at once.

The amazing bunny benchmark is by @tty

#uxn 🐰

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