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I have an especially soft spot in my heart for gemini capsules who find ways to not link to *any* http content.

e.g. linking to a git-protocol server directly for cloning, instead of a github page.

Join me for a free online presentation about vermicomposting for small spaces. We'll explore the amazing benefits of worm castings, general worm husbandry, and how to get started.

No signup required, just mark your calendar. A presentation link will be available at when the date gets closer.

@gardening #vermicompost #organicgardening

πŸ› 🌿 ✨

Folx who enjoyed the Margaret Killjoy piece I posted earlier today may also enjoy this one, Cooperative Scavenging:

Last Sunday I got to hang out with @sunflower_avenue in her local woods & I got to be her first basket weaving student. ^_____^

She guided me through making this little basket out of invasive english ivy. So so so happy with it! Thank you so much Sun!

"Someone is going to wire up their Super Nintendo to a solar panel array, and folks from all walks of life are going to come over to play Street Fighter, or just to watch. We’re all going to grow most of our own food, and we’re all going to deal with our own trash, wash our own dishes."

"It functioned by careful manipulation of water through a room full of interconnected pipes and pumps. The water level in various chambers (with precision to fractions of a millimeter) represented stored numbers, and the rate of flow between them represented mathematical operations. This machine was capable of solving inhomogeneous differential equations."

This might be too subtle, but my halloween display name is a reference to the serial killer Kira from Death Note. >:)

Really jazzed for friend hangout time in the woods today ^o^!

@vanillacherry This seems like a good set of basic knots: thought , which @tty references, is very down on the clove hitch.

@vanillacherry I was really intimidated & confused when I first started. I didn't realize that it took time for my brain to learn to "think in knots". So don't be off-put if it's frustrating at first, if possible!

I started with this cute little book:

I used this as a reference frequently, or just to look for something new to try: (if you search for any knot from here on youtube you'll likely be able to find a variety of videos done differently that'll help it *click* for you).

When I see a knot used in practice & ask its name (or maybe it's on tv and they say it), I'll look it up and see if I can reproduce it. I don't find "tying knots for the heck of it" very interesting -- it's when it has a use in my life that it gets exciting!

Over time you'll start to build a "knot knack", where you begin to see all sorts of daily situations where rope + knots could be used to solve your problems.

"Archer's Knot":

A really handy knot where the loop stays fixed /w tension on the standing end, and the working end can be cinched to shrink the loop.

Fun fact: this knot seems to be the complement of the Arbor Knot (, where standing end tension cinches the loop & the working end doesn't.

Also, handy rope terminology that really helped me out:

There are no actual rape scenes, it's a spoken-of fear the villagers have.

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Watched /Seven Samuai/ last night! Highly recommended -- I really enjoyed it.

TW: sexism, rape

Hey @neauoire, any tips on what to do when the brine level has dipped below where the top of the sauerkraut is? Is it better to leave it exposed to air or just pour in some extra water?

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Tried the sauerkraut 5 days in, and..

... 🀯

This stuff is *delicious*!!

It will not last long >:)

Something that I haven't heard spoken of by gemini folx yet is accessibility -- the very simple format of gemini pages seems like it'd lend itself to readily support screen readers & braille displays.

Oh wow, you can knap *petrified wood*!? That is too cool.

"Petrified wood which has had the original organics replaced with silica can be a very workable material. Many pieces however, will fracture along the original wood grain."


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