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I did my first ever patch today!

It's hard to tell from the angle, but it's the crotch of a pair of yoga pants that my partner hand-me-down'd to me. I sit cross-legged a lot (criss-cross apple-sauce!), so I tear a lot of pants there.

I used "back-stitching" for this, where you stitch forward 2, then back 1, and repeat. This makes the seam *very* strong, I've found.

@tty i already knew, but really enjoy seeing other people learn about sewing :3

incidentally, while i was looking for sewing tutorials to save for when we wanna link to one, i found this person who was excited to learn about backstitches too:

..Sometimes, when I write toots like this, I actually want to say more or explain why or provide resources, but I get anxious that what I'm saying is usually "too obvious" or folx already know this stuff, or aren't interested. >__<

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Learned the power of backstitches today! These fellas are *unbreakable*! :o

I came across this only because of this shot in Nausicaa I was watching this evening.

(Also, check out that old-timey rangefinder!!!)

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Moving day!

Onto a new place to stay for October.

Doing my best to enjoy & maximize learning and growth and healing during this in-between time. β˜€οΈ 🌱

Lots of people are asking me how I make these drawings.

I begin by coding the 3d environment by hand in Moogle, I then export a bit map of the wireframe, I then open it in Noodle and clean up the lines.

Bit Maps:

Ha ha.

The building I'm going to be working in for my new job is also the building where the original BSD, the original Rogue, original curses library, and vi were all written. :D

Really beautiful little solarpunk short. I forget who shared it with me originally.

If it says the video isn't available in your country (e.g. Canada), you can download this version I youtube-dl'd and also added english subs to: (Don't use the web player though; it doesn't seem to be able to find the subs.)

Anxious about running out of hormones meds before I get back to the US 😬

How to unfuck your life?
Keep on cooking!
From the top to the bottom: dried Carolina reaper, Moruga scorpion and unknown chilies, dried datterino tomatoes, loquat marmalade, apple, ginger and cinnamon jam and red bell pepper and red chili sauce.
Nice backstories: we've used wild apples which I've found on a tree near a highway junction -really sweet and crunchy!- and the loquats were a barter. we'll bring the owner of the tree a very hot sauce.
Why buy when you can forage or barter? :blobaww:

I think the 2nd trick is because 1mL of water is 1g of weight, and maybe that's also a good density estimate for most veggies?

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My second fermentation experiment: sauerkraut!

I used a few resources, including !

I didn't have a measuring scale, but one website said you can use some tricks:

1 tsp salt = 5g
500 mL volume container = holds ~500g of contents

Did a web search for "jobs that don't contribute to society" but the results misunderstood what I meant.

The common understanding seems to be "a leech on the resources of society who does nothing" versus what I meant, which is "make meaningful contributions, just not to society".

I wrote an article about Gwenview genesis, including the story behind its unusual name.

Downside: I've been social distancing for 1.5 years.

Upside: I haven't gotten sick in 1.5 years.

I made paper!
This is made from the inner bark of daphne (aka spurge laurel). I used some scrap fabric and embroidery hoops as the frame (which is why they are so small and circular)
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and there might be more experiments down the line.
There's a long tradition of making paper with different species of daphne in Nepal called lokta paper.
I heard about this second hand from a person that runs daphne paper workshops, but i haven't been able to find their name so i can't credit them for the inspiration

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