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My favourite part of gardening is probably seed saving.
There's something i love about the small tedious work.
Its this beautiful example of abundance. Getting so much from what was just a little seeds.
Imagining where to give the seeds. The tangible representation of hope and future in them

Starting my journey from SF to Vancouver! Wish me luck y'all! ✈️

This article also shows me that it's also necessary to keep up a culture of repair and not automatically opting for "modern" solutions.

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A fun project of mine has been studying the movement of the moon using a compass and a hand-made inclinometer.

Even though humans figured this stuff out a long time ago, it's been really satisfying to make first-hand observations myself and try to understand the movements of the earth and celestial bodies. :_moonstars:

l am really liking the look of

I created a Patreon account a while ago but I had a bad feeling about it and never took it anywhere.

A co-op alternative sounds right on point for what we need.

@vidak you in particular might like this, if you haven't already seen it.

This nightmareish flight & COVID process from SF to Vancouver is making me wish I could sail up instead. Would only take ~2 weeks I reckon?

Weaving this with ivy as the spokes and bindweed as weavers (and a bit of blackberry fibre to start)

I'm still experimenting with bindweed as a weaving material but I've had some success so far!

Imagining a world where the statement "I don't have sufficient information or understanding to offer an informed opinion on this topic" is commonly heard.

Open, unabashed acknowledgement of ignorance and willingness to listen, read and learn.

Question for electronics folx ⚑

An LED lamp has this twisted wire that, when I touch it, it activates the LED lamp.

I need to extend this capacitative(?) cord somehow. I tried just attaching a regular thin-gauge wire to it, but touching the wire extension doesn't activate it like the twisted strand.

Has anyone seen a setup like this & could shed some light on either

a) what's going on / how this works?
b) how I could extend this cord?

I just realized yesterday that I wrote code running the ecuadorian rainforest & guyanese savannah plains.

That's kinda cool. :o

Hey! πŸ‘‹

Any electronics nerds around that would be willing to answer some Qs of mine on how this LED touch lamp's capacitative touch mechanism works? I'm trying to repair it >__<


I got chosen for an on-site interview at the museum job I really want ^___^

aaaah fingers crossed this works out 🀞

Very skittish though! One of my major challenges re: befriending animals is that I try to get too close too fast >__<

I just get so excited about being friends~~~!

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I was on a walk & there was a small murder of crows loitering in an empty parking lot.

All I had on me were some cat treats, so I tried tossing a couple.

TIL: crows kinda like cat treats >:)

I can confirm this works! The jays on my balcony stay much farther away when I look at them directly vs with my whiskers.

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