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Does anyone have a decent highschool chemistry textbook they'd like to give away? I'm trying to self-learn and I really enjoy using physical books.

I'm in northern california and can pay shipping if it isn't too much.

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about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

If you move it faster, it makes the electrons go faster??? What the actual heck.

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So, it seems that moving a magnet across a coil of copper wire makes an electrical current!??

This is.. bizarre. How the heck??? Utterly flabbergasted. This feels like a bug in the universe.

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The LowTechLab building a wooden wind generator engine from copper wires and magnets.

Do you reuse store-bought food jars, but are annoyed by the glue left over from the label?

Mix a bit of baking soda with water and let the jars sit in it for an hour. Then you can use the back of a knife to easily scrape off the glue residue!

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Ok, made a GoFundMe for Oreo. I set it at $1,000 in case she needs surgery. She definitely needs a wheelchair. I can't keep carrying her outside (she weighs 60lbs) as it triggers my tachy. If you all could share, that would be helpful.

Not [entirely] a joke post: this is really how it feels! Reminding myself of this and trying to trust that if there's something important the future will let me know & I can handle it then is a big practice for me right now.

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My anxiety is just my brain getting stuck polling the future, instead of staying in the present & letting the future send push notifications when it needs something.

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If you find your mastodon experience too political, too meme-y, too science-y, or just not interesting enough, choose who to follow more carefully. Unfollow some people who fill your timeline with boring stuff; it's not a personal judgement, and you'll still see it if one of your friends boosts their toot. And follow someone who posts the sort of thing you like. Check out hashtags from their cool posts.

Most of all, post the sort of thing you'd like to see more of!


Good morning fediverse ☀️

What is your favourite colour?

Mine is this seafoam-y green:

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every so often i remember that time skate god rodney mullen compared linux to street skating

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"Extending lifespan of smartphones [by one year] would cut same CO₂ as eliminating two million cars"

Cool, make it more than just one year then.

“economics is how we organize ourselves to sustain life and enhance its quality. It’s a way of considering how we provide for ourselves.”

Some really good reading on "the lie of laziness" if you expand the Excerpt section for this book:

grumbles about the capitalist hero myth 

are there people who really think elon musk personally designs and builds every tesla? aghghghgh

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