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Some very interesting threads on the science of gender dysphoria:

(If anyone knows of any of the sources that she pulled from that would be great to know.)

Date format of choice?

Oddly soothing phrase that I calmly utter to myself when I drop something or bump into something or make a mess unexpectedly:

"This is a very reasonable result, given the inputs provided."

@neauoire That is surprising! Do you know why? I wonder if the nes rom has some padding or something.

Had a couple of bad triggers while out earlier today. Having a rough night.

@rek Nice!

How did you find it? I usually use craigslist or ebay for used stuff, but curious about other sources.

TIL that common lisp folx will call global variables -- which tend to be surrounded by * chars, e.g. *current-x* -- as that variable "having earmuffs".

I am so delighted. 🀩

@sunflower_avenue This would all be so perfect for you :D I really hope you can find a way to bring it into reality. πŸ’œ

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