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@neauoire printed programs in a uxn zine that you type into your computer

@neauoire @ploum @cblgh ah! There's a lot of good resources on the website:

If there's something you're interested in that isn't covered there, maybe name it & I might know where you can learn more.

@neauoire @ploum @cblgh I'm not sure I understand the request (like, how to parse it).

I'm pretty pleased with the result though -- this feels pretty elegant. ^_^

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@neauoire Though I think a stack machine with this instruction set would still be challenging to write programs with and run by hand.

@neauoire uxn spoiled me! Stack-style is much easier to work with imo.

Yesterday I wrote the modulus operator for the WDR Paper Computer[1].

It's a tiny computer with only 5 instructions: add1, sub1, jump to line#, end program, and is-zero?.

My conclusions so far about paper computing:
- It's really fun to figure out clever ways to write programs using a limited instruction set!
- Running programs by hand is pretty tedious and gets old fast. ^__^


@rozina I can't speak for these kinds of orgs you've listed here, but if I were a generic org, and liked someone's work, I wouldn't care too much what tools they used. (So long as they e.g. produced outputs compatible with my systems.)

@sunflower_avenue This feels like a really significant realization, to me.

It's kind of like how a capitalist can look at, say,,-7 and be like, "oh sweet, it's *just* trees! free commodity!" The outside view hides the details.

Sometimes im surprised how invisible my ivy removal work is.
A few months after ive been through a space, the footprints and accidentally broken branches are no longer noticeable, the ivy leaves have browned and it looks as if it had always been that way.
I think of a lot if this work as a tactile learning and exploration. I knew that this land was tended and stewarded by indigenous people in a way invisible to settlers. What settlers saw as untamed wilderness was actually carefully managed and tended land.
Ive done all of this work and, unless i tell them, very few people will ever notice. Its become very tangibly clear the amount of labour that can hide in a conception of wilderness.

Anyone else have Sega Channel as a kid? This was just the coolest.

It was a device you put into the cartridge slot that used your existing cable connection to download interactive menus and full Genesis games from Sega servers. All without the internet!

Today was mostly an Adult Stuff day. Boring things. >___<

Going to do some maintenance things, and then make time for some fun stuff.

@sunflower_avenue Is each + an independent stitch, or are they all attached somehow underneath?

@rek That makes sense. I've only ever done hand sewing, but then again, I'm mending clothes, not huge things like sails. ;)

social interaction question 

@fetchrobin I've wondered about root causes also!

A hypothesis I had was that some families have a take-the-mic-if-you-want-it policy. I've been at family tables like that, where there's no "here's the mic", but rather a free-for-all where you are seemingly expected to take the mic if you want to have a turn to speak.

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