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@neauoire Yeah, that's another example of the sort of system I'm talking about.

Is there a good term of a "self-balancing system"?

e.g. How an arrow is stabilized in flight because opposing fletchings counter-act each other's rotation with air drag.

@neauoire Messed with padding some more, I think I understand it now! It's just for skipping program data addresses.

@neauoire Some uxtal Qs I had:

1. What is padding? (It sounds like changes where you're "writing data to"?)
2. Is there a reference of all of the opcodes *and* what they do?

@penny @sunflower_avenue You could also try a javascript approach. If you run this in the developer console on the slack web app, it will dispatch a keypress event every 10 seconds, which may / may not be enough to trick Slack:

setInterval(() => {
window.dispatchEvent(new KeyboardEvent('keydown', {
'key': 'a'
}, 10000)

@penny @sunflower_avenue oh! Physically moving the mouse via some mechanism is an interesting angle to approach this problem from!

Heck, that means you could just tape a vibrator or massager to your mouse while you take a nap.

This was also one of the most rewarding & satisfying experiences I've had.

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"Anybody who ever lighted a fire without matches has probably gained some proper respect for "low" or "primitive" or "simple" technologies"

It's true. I remember building my first bow-drill and spinning up an ember to blow to flame in a nest of tinder. And the bow, spindle, fireboard, handhold, and tinder bundle all need to be designed just so. Making fire *IS NO SMALL THING*!

@sunflower_avenue What OS are you running?

Linux has a program called 'xdotool' that lets you simulate key presses. I bet there is an accessibility app like that for your OS, where you could write a small script to have it generate keypresses in a slack window every few minutes.

@neauoire I hate how these industries are able to make any act of defiance so life-destroying.

@neauoire "Two women who vandalized the Dakota Access pipeline in an effort to halt construction have been indicted on charges that carry up to **110 years** in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. They are among the harshest penalties environmental activists have faced in the last decade.

Civil liberties lawyers say the charges are in line with industry-inspired scare tactics meant to deter citizens from participating in direct-action protests or acts of sabotage against oil and gas companies."

@human_dude mm, that sounds pretty.

I'm off to bed right now, but I have my fingers crossed for telekinesis dreams again :3

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