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trans voice study notes 

Morning voice practice went well ^____^

Learned a *lot* about pitch. Blows my mind that successive piano notes are "just" 49 Hz multiplied by the twelfth root of 2 raised to the power of N, where N is the Nth note after the first pitch.

Studied some voice actors I really like, also. Very bummed that some of the voices I really love are outside of my pitch range for chest voice. I think I had this assumption that my voice could theoretically do whatever other humans' voices could do.

*But*! I found a voice actor whose pitch is within my range, and I'm super duper excited to study their voice more!

Yay, I wrote an article. ^___^

It's about how I've been doing simul-casting media with friends. πŸ“Ί

It doesn't seem to be open source though, which is a bummer.

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If you want to simulcast a video with friends, is a handy little web app.


@aadil Sentiments of hugs and warm soup.

What does it feel like you need right now? (Alternately asked, what does your *body* feel like it needs?)

^ Intended as a reflection question, not necessarily expecting you to write back to me. :)

I adore this poem -- it's been a bit of a guiding light 🌟 for me. It's been pinned to my browser tabs for weeks, and when I feel down I pick a stanza to read.

Wanting to write more articles and HOWTOs. Trying to bust out of this habit of assuming a) everyone knows what I know already, b) my interests are too obscure for anyone to be interested.

Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology

"In the handheld market, Yokoi's refusal to adopt a color display for the Game Boy in favor of long battery life is cited as the main reason it prevailed against Sega's Game Gear and Atari's Lynx."

@certifiedperson @sunflower_avenue has explored this a bunch, including making dyes I think from invasive plants?

@neauoire oh, you can just plug it into your laptop and treat it like a usb mass storage of epubs/mobis?

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