here’s a watercolor i did recently! i’m going to try posting some of my on here.

@artsyhonker hmm... mostly chamber music? i play the flute and the piano so i mostly write for those. as for genre, i'm not entirely sure yet. i'm still experimenting a lot with a lot of things...

here they are!! the prettiest birds!!

these pics aren't the best bc these animals literally never stand still, but i got one with all eight of them! (although you can only see their fluffy butts)
the other pic is my best girl hedvig!

more (and better) chicken pics are to follow!

hi! i'm malin (she/her, 21 yrs), i crawled out of the hellblr this morning and here's my

-i have eight chickens who are the light of my life
-i listen to many podcasts but the adventure zone will always be my fave
-sometimes i draw
-i'm very into scifi and fantasy (ursula k le guin is my current fave author)
-i'm an aspiring composer (haven't made a lot of music yet but i'm learning!)

nice to meet u! :_earth:

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