for now, more personal projects, more playful craft. tried watercolors for the first time since middle school

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today's freelance job was to translate the site from a language i don't know - contractor doesn't mind the machine translation. i really don't wanna do wasteful stuff like this even if i'm paid for it!

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i started attending community art classes and my instructor is a friend from primary school. makes me wonder why i never bothered to pursue art as a kid and only as an adult realized it's the only path i can imagine for myself

really excited about the new project from Might and Delight, this human-scale online exploration game with actual roleplaying. Their previous project, Meadow, was about about becoming animals, forming packs and wandering aimlessly with other critters, only way to communicate being glyphs and emotes. That was the most fun i had in mass online game for sure!

37 km of walking today, ah weren't i supposed to be off the grid

going on a 300km pilgrimage. finally an excuse not to use internet!

i guess i'll stick to 3rd party mobile apps until everyone i care about ditches that stupid service

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why did the twitter redesign break pretty much all the good features? can't block the promoted tweets, timeline keeps reverting from chronological into seemingly random - half of it is just tweets someone liked two weeks

exploring overgrown ruins of Church of st. Paraskevi in Eastern Borderlands do you know any alternatives to Google Digital Wellbeing? I can't find any Android app usage trackers that keep data locally and allow exporting it

Extracting personal files from a ~2001 PC and wondering how me and my sister managed to live with 10GB HDD for five years

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