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To all climate and environmental justice activists in Europe: What places of struggle do you know? Can be current squats, planned deforestation or constructions, powerplant, street or resource extraction. @LANTIFA and some other persons are trying to create a wiki compiling places of (current as well as future) struggle. Please post, text me or them directly or feel free to add it to ! :ecoanarchism_heart: :greensun: :squat:

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:fediverse: Thinking about moving some of my Instagram content to Pixelfed as well, what instances do you recommend?

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Hey Folks, I´m Tobi [he him/er ihm], on the fediverse for a few days now and changed to this istance today, my alternative account is @tobi . My main topics are Solarpunk, Social Ecology/Eco Anarchism, Permaculture, environmental activism, antifascism, FOSS, sustainable cities and buildings. Speaking 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇪🇦 🇧🇷 (in that order). I´m still unsure what and how much to post here, but I am happy to be in this nice community!

dear crypto money people 

what the actual fuck is wrong with you?

You don't have to dig very deep to reveal the true agenda of crypto currencies. It was never about a better world or to free people from dictatorships. It is mostly a bunch a selfish libertarian jerks who want to escape from any form of redistribution or social system.
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Arbeitsgruppe Aktivistisches Fedi 

Ich würde gerne Material zusammentragen und erstellen, mit welchem Menschen an aktivistische Gruppen herantreten und Werbung für's Fediverse machen können, z.B. in Form von Skillshares zu dem Gruppen eingeladen werden können, wo dann gemeinsam Accounts eingerichtet und erste Schritte durchgegangen werden können.

Motivationssammlung, Tools, evtl. Instanzempfehlungen, konkrete Anleitungen, Hilfe zur Anonymität. Alles zugänglich in nem Wiki oä, vielleicht im Stil von

Haben Menschen Lust und Zeit, da ne kleine Arbeitsgruppe zu bilden, um zu gucken, was nötig ist und das zu erstellen? Gerne auch Menschen ohne Techhintergrund.

Kommunikation idealerweise über Matrix und hin und wieder anlassbezogen vllt Telkos oder Chatrunden, aber bin auch offen für andere Ideen. Vielleicht auch langfristig Support anbieten, wenn Menschen Fragen haben.

Erstmal auf Deutsch, aber langfristig wäre es denke ich gut, die Materialien zu übersetzen.

:fediverse: :heart_cyber: :boost_ok:

The Commons: helps people universally

Philanthropy: helps people based on the ideology of rich individuals

@fff erklärt den Leuten bitte dass sie ihre Gesichter digital übermalen und die exifdaten aus den Bildern löschen. Ansonsten bastelt ihr euch die nächste geometrische Datenbank mit Gesichtern, Handschriften, Hardwareprofilen und Standorten. :thisisfine: #opsec


Auf Mallorca wurde die #Corona-Variante P.1 festgestellt, die sich nochmal geschätzte 68 % schneller verbreitet als #B117.

Außerdem wirken die Impfungen gegen P.1 weniger.

Für Osterurlauber wurden in 🇩🇪Extra-Flüge nach Mallorca angesetzt, der Andrang ist groß.

Keine Pointe.

Es gibt Solarzellen für Gewächshäuser. Die für Pflanzen nützlichen Lichtfarben gehen ungehindert hindurch. Was die Pflanzen eh nicht brauchen, wird verstromt.

hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

Marxists, as a group, have tried to make the key element of capitalism the wage relationship & wage labour because their aversion to Black liberation is stronger than their dedication to historical materialism.

To say it again in a simpler/clearer (but longer) way:

- Capitalism is a system where capital (money for investment) rules the world.
- This system was built on slavery. It was also built on the work of "free" people, but slavery was super important. You can't ignore it.
- So anti-capitalist theory has to treat slavery as very important.
- Marxists are anti-capitalist theorists. But most of them don't treat slavery as important, even though slavery was happening everywhere when Marxism was created.
- They focus on "free" labour instead because it fits better with the rest of their worldview.
- So their worldview actually is very similar to the people they say they're against.
- Marxism even has principles that say people shouldn't let their worldviews get in the way of good theory, but they seem to do it a lot anyway. This is ironic.


TW: #Polizeigewalt

Polizeigewalt in 069 auf der heutigen Sponti für Qosay K., welcher vor paar Tagen nach gewaltvoller Polizeigewahrsam gestorben ist.


“PSA: if you or someone nearby are being brutalized by a police Spot robot and can get a hand or something underneath, grab this handle and yank it forward. This releases the battery, instantly disabling the robot.

Keep your hands away from joints, Spot WILL crush your fingers.”

VIDEO Police Robot Dog in action

Die #EZB hat die Verantwortung - und die Mittel! Sie darf die #Klimakrise nicht weiter befeuern. Sie muss Feuerlöscher sein!

The #ECB has the responsibility - and the means! It must not heat up the #ClimateCrisis any further. It must be the fire extinguisher! NOW!

Habt ihr euch jetzt alle über #Rassismus gegenüber #BIPOC informiert?!

Hier nochmal die Bücherliste


1. "Deutschland Schwarz Weiß" Noah Sow

2. "exit Racism" Tupoka Ogette

3. "Mythen, Masken und Subjekte" Susan Arndt, Maureen Maisha Eggers, Grada Kilomba, Peggy Piesche

4. "Unter Weißen" Mohamed Amjahid

5. "Was weisse Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen.." Alice Hasters


Liebe alle,

dieses Jahr gibt es in NRW wieder einen #Wald zu beschützen. 5000 teilweise sehr alte #Buchen die gerodet werden sollen für… ein #Autobahn kreuz.

Die Lokalen Bündnisse versuchen ihr bestes ihren struggle ein wenig bekannter zu machen. Deshalb gibt es jetzt eine Petition. Bitte unterstützt diese und teilt sie auf euren Social Media Accounts. Lasst uns diesen Wald bekannter machen und als zweiten Schritt… Ihr wisst schon was dann kommt. Vlt sehen wir uns dann im Sommer auch dort 😉

Wenn ihr euch aus diesem Verteiler austragen möchtet, dann schreibt eine leere Email an: <>
List help: <>

Human liberation and the protection of nonhuman life are not merely compatible -- both are necessary.
-- Janet Biehl

#anarchism #quote #bot

Something has been bothering me for a while (years, actually), and it's privacy related in the sense that someone can use a privacy concious search utility like Duck Duck Go or Startpage, and yet still only be handed the sanitized results that meet the objectives of the companies stealing the privacy of individuals in the first place.

It is a zero sum game - you're still packaged and quantified. You're still getting the results that you were bought and paid for in the first place.


* You affect a search for a hotel room in some town you plan to visit in a few days. Travelocity and like sites come up, but the bed and breakfast you probably would have chosen is buried on page four of the SERPS. They're also listed in one of the directory services on page one that, if they didn't already pay for, would leave their website buried in oblivion - even though booking directly would cost less than the megaopolis sites that extort them at the peril of being driven into bankruptcy, and never mind the money that they spent on SEO for their own website.

* You do a search for a plumber. That's local to you, right? And even though the plumber had a website, that too is buried under several pages of directory indexers like Yelp - even below their own GMB (Google My Business) page, which of course, is down in page two or three of the #SERPS. Big wealthy plumbing companies with marketing departments dominate Yelp anyway, add have dedicated staff to solicit ratings and okay the rank game with Yelp and other directories, so you never actually reach the vendors that you actually would have chosen.

They get fucked in the ass and so do you.

What if...

There was a #search_service that utilizes something like startpage or DDG , yet filtered out all of those big monolithic motherfuckers that are running the equivalent of modern day #protection_rackets, threatening to crush the Ma & Pa plumbers and motels and other small businesses that no matter what, never will appear on page one of a Google or Bing search?

What technology exists to build this, and how stable and effective might it be?

Your thoughts? Suggestions? Expertise in implementing such a fair and equitable service?

I'd really like to open a dialog about this. We have Nitter, and Yotter, and Invidious, and Bibliogram. These seem to address one aspect of how we are tossed into the chipper and then reconstituted as Soylent Green. It's freaking cannibalism, if you think about it.

So what initiatives, dialogs, discussions, or projects might we be able to deploy with the long range goal being the, #disruption_of_the_corruption as a viable solution?

#Please_boost, and I'm so very interested in hearing your input.

Thanks, and I guess that helps! :)


#tallship #Vger #FOSS #LibreSearch

Wisst ihr noch damals, als „mit Rechten Reden“ voll angesagt war, und Leute ernsthaft die Ansicht vertreten haben, Rechtsextremismus sei vor allem eine Frage fehlender Informationen & Bildung? Vor Trump, Halle, Hanau, Nordkreuz, Kapitol-Anschlag, dem Reichsbürger-Mord... 😪

Neues von @c_lindner: Streiken wird ab sofort den Profis überlassen!

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