Dog posting, animal ec 

Sir. Maybe you wouldn't be so itchy if you didn't roll in dry grass and leaves!

Heheh... they bought us black hoodies at work... it's once again time to be the Troubleshooting Wizard :_witchhat:

Uff. Many pantry staples in this week's grocery pick up. That adds up.

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Fighting evil by moonlight
AND winning love by daylight? in this economy?

I thought, 'I'll go to the bookstore, and if I don't buy anything/spend very little, I'll also go to the fabric store.'

... I did not go to the fabric store.

Dog posting 

He demands tribute in form of. Titty scratches

Cat posting, animal ec 

Zevran Crow Hodgepodge, carrying on in the proud Underfoot clan line, exposing his belly as is traditional

I don't think clothes, haircuts, etc should be """"gendered"""" But that feeling coexists with the gender euphoria my new haircut gives me anyway

Dog & cat posting, animal ec 

Getting a good picture of both of them at once is forbidden

Ex Relationship trauma, re recovery 

Just read an article saying the best way to get over heartbreak is to dunk on your ex and the relationship with them, aka "negative reappraisal"

... ok

Food cw 

@teslas_moustache the fridge pickles i made a month ago are the bomb, hoping the brine ones are just as good or better

Food cw 

Pickle makin's. Gonna be hot here, so they should be ready in just a couple of days for initial taste testing

The morning glory in the vegetable patch took off running finally and the mini zinnias are attracting butterflies and hummingbirds and I've had enough cucumbers to trade with the family two doors down for tomatoes (my big ones aren't ripe yet)

Dog and cat posting 

A supervised outing for Zevran. Giving into his bolting and dashing into the yard by taking him out on purpose now and then and watching him closely in the fenced backyard.

Dog posting, distant dog ec 

Some at a distance, too, the patch on that sheet is terrible looking but does the job

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