So I have recently come back to Mastadon (mainly and I'm looking for more people to follow.
Specifically looking for people interested in:


And like pretty much anything else similar to the above. So if you toot a lot of things related to the above I would greatly appreciate if you retoot, favourite or reply to this.

@thechailion I should probably bore the shit out of people on here more with our veg growing efforts. Both of us with effective disabilities, but trying to grow veg smarter, rather than harder. All experimental, but all a wonderful experience.

@thechailion I do not toot a lot, but I am also interested in these things! (Also member of SBC. :sunny:)

Same to all these things but Ive never been on before and have you heard Demand Utopia?


@algot is where my collects most of my plant photo posts.

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