OK what did I do...I soaked licorice seeds overnight and put them in a seed starter this morning. I added a pulley to my HF antenna to make raising and lowering it easier.

Yesterday I

Cleaned the A/C window unit before putting it in the attic.

Tested a new 100 watt solar panel. (Charged a battery)

Continued digging part of a swale for rain control.

Planted potatoes.

Mowed the lawn and used clippings to build up the hügelkultur bed. It's been a productive day.

Also been helping my friend build a freeform corrugated barn/greenhouse/patio/chill-spot/cat shelter at the trailer park on the weekends. No pics.

Attempting to build a dual band j-pole antenna. Put up my 2 meter 1/4 wave ground plane antenna in a temporary spot while I build this other antenna AND figure out how to run coax cable into my house.

I activated a couple repeaters 30-35 miles (48-56 kilometers) away using the ground plane antenna using just a 5watt Baofeng. No one on the other end, but I got a good automated signal back.

Found out all you gotta do is use a can opener to take the tops off soda cans like this, and that has opened up this kind of project for me.

I put some seedlings in the ground yesterday. I'm worried that it's still too early for some of it. I put leaves over the top of them to try and keep them warm and moist, hopefully uninteresting to critters.

The bottom two beds are what I have done so far. The middle one on the right is going to be my Three Sisters bed. It's definitely too early to put that stuff out yet.

Might move that Cumin to the back bed.

Nothing in that big tilled section yet. Hopefully that's where the Amaranth will be comfy. It's very shady there though.

Mending my jeans with . I'm not super pleased with how this is going, but it's OK I guess.

morelike amiright?

I've got all these empty cat litter jugs. The mouths are big enough for a 2inch net pot. I set it up and put in a few broccoli seeds.

I got this 4-way gang valve at the pet store, and I already had some air hose on hand. I know I have a small airstone around here, but I couldn't find it.

Only problem with this is I don't have a heater for that jug. Since it's beginning to warm up, I'm hoping it won't matter for a while.

I turned the compost for the first time in a while :/

I started some more seeds. This time it was Opopeo Amaranth, Benning's Green Tint Patty Pan Squash, and Zeppelin Delicata squash. Pretty excited for all of those.

Just re-posting what I did yesterday for . I don't think I'll be as productive in the same way today.

1. spent most of the day cutting and burning brush. Someone pointed out yesterday that the wood is pretty green, and it is. I didn't get a pic of the brush pile, but it's effin' big and I'm only one person with a hand saw.

2 and 3. making a couple beds. Should I just tag it as so people can type it? I think so. Cardboard lining on the bottom for...kind of a weed barrier I guess. Kills all the grass and weeds underneath. At least theoretically. But I had decent luck with it in the other beds.

4. Neighborhood cat "helper" showed up. He's a bit camouflaged in the box with all the dead grass. I liberated some PVC pipe from work and I'm gonna use it to make a . That structure that's already propped up there, that was just for netting to keep rabbits out. That's gonna come down and I'm gonna make it into a little .

I made a WiFi about 4 years ago and it actually worked. Really well.

Not doing much today, so this might have to be my

I never took a photo of that first loaf. This is my second one, which I made yesterday. Just a basic white bread. Pretty tasty though. Makes a decent PB&J.

update. The really shot up. The water was pretty low, so I mixed up a gallon of nutrient solution and put it in there.

BTW, the pharmacy has these syringes they'll give to you if you ask them. This one is 5ml or 1tsp.

I started adding the General Hydroponics FlorMicro nutrient together with the FloraGro solution a few weeks ago. 5ml/gal each. I seem to be getting much healthier looking leaves that way.

This I didn't do much. I made an automation in that alerts me on my phone when there's a storm less than 5 miles away.

It's actually kind of annoying as it is, because I got alerted 22 times yesterday.

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