I have a General class amateur license in the US, and I wrote a zine about ham radio for anarchists.

I have a pretty cheap setup in the basement made from a 5 gallon bucket.

Questions about . I've been a member of since 2015, for better or worse.

I think I've gotten close to all I can out of the plants, so I've added 4tsp of the flowering nutrient solution to my 4 gallon bucket to try and bring it to seed.

morelike amiright?

I've got all these empty cat litter jugs. The mouths are big enough for a 2inch net pot. I set it up and put in a few broccoli seeds.

I got this 4-way gang valve at the pet store, and I already had some air hose on hand. I know I have a small airstone around here, but I couldn't find it.

Only problem with this is I don't have a heater for that jug. Since it's beginning to warm up, I'm hoping it won't matter for a while.

update. The really shot up. The water was pretty low, so I mixed up a gallon of nutrient solution and put it in there.

BTW, the pharmacy has these syringes they'll give to you if you ask them. This one is 5ml or 1tsp.

I started adding the General Hydroponics FlorMicro nutrient together with the FloraGro solution a few weeks ago. 5ml/gal each. I seem to be getting much healthier looking leaves that way.

these plastic cat litter containers hold approximately 2.5 gallons, and the openings are wide enough for a 2" net cup.

Ramen noodle time. Had to clear out some of the older leaves to make room for (hopefully) nice bunches of Bok Choy. Looking a little anemic though...might up the nutrients a bit more.

I went ahead and sprung for some net cups. I had forgotten my previous idea of making net cups out of plastic bottles. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈoh well. There's always room for expansion/experimentation.

I got the expanded clay pellets from IKEA last year. Got them wet and poured on some seeds, hoping they'll stick and germinate.

Mustard was pretty successful last year but didn't give the bok choy any room to grow, so that's all I'm doing for now.

So this is fascinating to me. I switched from the $4 magenta grow light to a full-spectrum light. A couple days ago I noticed that my mustard leaves were getting to a bit of a richer green color.

I had completely forgotten that when these plants actually grow in the sun and the dirt the leaves develop this beautiful purple color. So now that it's getting colors other than red and blue, that color is developing now.

The leaves were also starting to bleach, so I moved the light up a few inches.

I've had this idea in my had for a while for a soda bottle net pot.

I don't have anything to test this out on, but if any of y'all have a setup where this could work, try it out at let me know!

I changed the camera angle on my hydroponic setup. I also planted some more Bok Choy yesterday. You can see the one in the lower right has grown some, but isn't doing well. My nutrient mix might be too hot for young seedlings.

The mustard is going alright though!


Alright, so I'm not actually ing anything right now, but I thought I'd share this tip for folks who wanna get into cheap.

There's all kinds of growing medium - Perlite, expanded clay pellets, rock wool, and coco coire are probably the most popular. Pretty much any inert substance you can think of can be used to grow stuff in a hydroponic system. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them, but almost none of them are both Cheap and Available at the grocery store.

I got this pool noodle for $0.95

Mi metis novan nutraΔ΅on en mia hidropona sistemo Δ‰i-matene. Estas pli da nitrogeno en Δ‰i tiu solvo, do mi esperas, ke ĝi helpas. 🌱

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