OK, I think I'm gonna go plant these squash plants.

As far as I can tell, there's just not much going on for May Day in KC. Kinda bored.

Found out all you gotta do is use a can opener to take the tops off soda cans like this, and that has opened up this kind of project for me.

Well, it got down to 32F last night. In my hubris, I have already put some seedlings out. Other than the Cumin, everything ought to be fine. Not even sure the cumin should be planted outside anyway.

Fucking broccoli and amaranth are starting to piss me off tbh. I have one viable broccoli seedling, and bugs keep trying to eat my amaranth.

I put some seedlings in the ground yesterday. I'm worried that it's still too early for some of it. I put leaves over the top of them to try and keep them warm and moist, hopefully uninteresting to critters.

The bottom two beds are what I have done so far. The middle one on the right is going to be my Three Sisters bed. It's definitely too early to put that stuff out yet.

Might move that Cumin to the back bed.

Nothing in that big tilled section yet. Hopefully that's where the Amaranth will be comfy. It's very shady there though.

Mi plantis pizojn kaj sojojn unu apud la alia, sed la sojfaboj ŝprucas kaj la pizoj ne estas.

Ŝajnas al mi strange.


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