Hey, if you're just following me on here I'd recommend you follow witches.live/@sybil_sibyl too because that's where I'll probably be more active. 😅

@melt@mastodon.social Of course, I don't wanna simplify, there are certainly other differences depending on tendency, but it's all bullshit inconsequential things most of the time.

@melt@mastodon.social I never really get what the whole fuss is about. Marxists and anarchists hardly differ, they've just got a different interpretation of the function of the state (the state being a tool that can be used to organize and prevent counterrevolution for the marxists and something invariably bad for anarchists), which just doesn't seem like enough to cause that big of a split compared to everyone being out to murder you.

@RadioAngel Oh... Well doesn't this just sound like my sort of thing.

I might post about my work on there from time to time to motivate me.

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I thought I would like to introduce the fact that I am a modder on Spartakus, a total conversion mod for Hearts of Iron 4 set in an alternative 1930s in which the German revolution succeeded. I do a lot of historical research and code tidbits like this!

@melt@mastodon.social finally i can make my self portrait

no youtube i am not interested in a chill synthwave mix

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