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Today seems as good a time as any to get around to belated .

Hi, I'm @swift, I get paid to be a software developer but that happens to be the marketable subset of my true love: the intersection of making things and abstract problem solving (see also: interest in maths, games/play as mediated social interaction and avant garde theatre).

Outside of those, I'm a queer, lefty, planty, foody sort of a person, who is unsurprisingly delighted to have found my way here.

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I'm starting to feel like things came to head like they did because we were trying to do things internally instead of hiring someone external to help.

If others keep SBC running, I highly recommend you request the aid of Marcia, who has offered a few times, as soon as possible.

I also want a donation to go to emsenn for starting what could have been a very positive process and working with us through it.

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Who the fuck wouldn't rather use tools provided freely by their neighbor, y'know?

But if that neighbor's dayjob is working for the kyriarchy, and if you tell them they're bringing that attitude to the tools you need to use, and thus making them less useful for you... and they say that's not their responsibility...

I mean, that's the cultural equivalent to sneezing in your hand and handing out pamphlets. Maybe the pamphlets are handy but you're mostly just a vector for disease.

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legit FOSS culture makes it nearly intolerable to use their software. It barely meets needs, preferable only because it isn't "broken by definition" the way proprietary software is.

When marginalized communities request it be made more fit for people living outside the like, Valley culture of software development, that same philosophy is used to defend inaction: "fork it!" and such.

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One of the reasons people behave so shittily to one another nowadays is the ubiquity of advertising.

Everyone is habituated to dedicating a non-trivial portion of their mental load to evaluating and dismissing this constant stream of deceptive, attention-grabbing messages. This leads people to start phrasing their own thoughts and ideas in advertising terms, and/or embracing their power to dismiss all messages, regardless of whether they represent human attempts to connect & communicate.

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New Tusky feature where it switches columns if you don't scroll in a perfect one-dimensional vertical motion is great, and clearly designed for human hands.

Physical health (-) 

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i sincerely find "10 best air-purifying houseplants" lists useful; also they evoke in me an emotion i have no word for, a staring through the gloss of sites fighting for toplist bandwidth at humans tragically attempting any kind of agency or false control in the face of collapse.

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Are you a #rust developer?
are you working on a #FLOSS project in Rust?

Even if not, please :boost_ok:​ my informal mini survey far and wide!

Are you…

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mainstream comedian who last had a funny bit in '92: can't even make jokes these days, with all the frickin made up genders!!!


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The seventh annual international Gender Census 2020 is now open until 12th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

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The EXTREME #MEATPUNKS FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH team is looking for splash screen artists! This is a paid position. LGBTQ+ artists and artists of color are especially encouraged to apply!

If interested, email me at with your portfolio.

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Just finished The Fifth Season and... fuck.

*goes to increase Patreon donation for N.K. Jemisin*

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Looking for a small to medium sized #golang project to review live on a Twitch stream. Who's brave enough? πŸ˜‚

The plan isn't to criticize whatever it is you're working on, but to demo how I approach new projects and codebases, and to constructively show how one can easily improve their Go projects with the help of a few CLI tools. Don't be shy!

[Boosts appreciated]

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kids are great because you can tell them that one guy has more money than it would take to feed the entire world or that there’s more empty homes than houseless people and they understand why that is absurd and evil.

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Hey, does anyone know of an indigenous or otherwise endangered language a keyboard layout has been designed for, but isn’t available on Linux? I would like to learn how to make keyboard layouts, so I’ll do it free of charge.

Boosts welcome!

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The Mastodon/Twitter crossposter is controversial. Quite a few Berners have set up accounts on Mastodon, hooked up this crossposter, then left, never to return.

They flood our feeds with their tweets and retweets, but never spend time on Mastodon getting to know other users, or building the community.

So if you decide to use this, please consider setting the options so your Mastodon toots go to Twitter, but NOT the other way around.


Just remembered that I managed to lose my wife twice in the first 12 hours we were married. No further comment, just made me laugh.

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