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a coworker of mine had a tour of the internet archive ( yesterday, and it's absolutely beautiful. they've got the use of an old church in san fran, and so they set up server racks in beautiful arched alcoves and leave the bulk of the space alone. it's absolutely gorgeous, makes me wish I worked there if it was outside the US.

At the leather workshop i learnt how to lock the thread on a needle. And its been super useful for hand sewing when the needle falls of the thread

The basic technique is to:
Thread the needle like normal
Pierce the short end of the thread with the tip of the needle
Pull it down the needle and lock it in place

Heres a good tutorial:

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You don't want to make bioplastic that continues the same disposable thinking patterns that we have today. You want it to solve deeper problems like medical grade plastics, something to replace pvc pipes, barrels, glasses frames etc.That's where I want to see bioplastics used.

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@RadioAngel water resistance is the thing i wonder about the most for bio plastics
A bioplastic rain coat would be so cool!

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Which choice will be second-most popular?

(Most people will get this wrong)

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idk who needs to hear this but don’t beat yourself up over every aborted personal project you’ll never pick up again because you don’t have the energy

you did something (initially) fun, you’ve learned a thing or two, the experience is valuable, and you’ve gained another topic for conversations. you’ve put your time to good use.

Took some thimbleberry and salmonberry cuttings to propagate.
I havent done this before so im curious how itll go!

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"Notes for a #Queer #Homemaker: Tips From Someone Who Loves You"
A nice collection of various #cleaning tips that some of you might not have known, shared mostly because I didn't. Or at least, I didn't follow them; soaking dishes for hours, for example, is indeed something I should do less of ...

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Trying to hunt down a lot of resources on co-designing curriculum. Like, *genuinely* co-designing with students, not the faux co-design where I'm still "in control."

Problem? There's not a lot. And much of it is still steeped in the belief that teachers-are-the-apex. It's also largely contextualised in tertiary education.

I've got a few ideas, but I'm really struggling with finding practical examples (and discussions of those practical examples instead of just the vague-discussion of those doing "co"-designed curriculum).

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more fundamentally whiteness is predicated on an exploitative relationship with nature: nature as an inert object waiting to be colonised, waiting to be made white. as long as the institution of whiteness exists, it is not possible to frame any concept of white people 'going back' or 'getting close' to nature that is not irrevocably poisoned by this relationship

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Heater Bloc's Guide for Building the Copper Coil Alcohol Heater and Safety Enclosure is now available!

Please share this zine with anyone interested in instructions on how to build a tent-safe alcohol heater.

*Also good for any indoor situation


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And with the snow comes all the abled people digging the snow from around their cars & piling it up on the pavements, blocking the way for the #disabled users & all other pedestrians, included people with young children.

Don't be that abled person.

#Ableism #Accessibility

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Some of the plants I saved from the dumpster or I've taken home from the side of the road :blobcatmelt: These are only four pictures of the literal tons I have right now. I'm a little bit worried since almost everyday I find more of them and the space isn't enough anymore. I've tried taking them out of the bin and leave them outside hoping someone else to take them, but they've been thrown away again and I have to save them twice. People are strange...
#FlowerDiving #RootsRescued #florespondence

@Satsuma not at the moment, although maybe in the future
If your uncles interested in anything in particular i be happy to make it up!

Im learning how to make fabric period padd. This is attempt 3 and im pretty happy with it!
It has four layers of cotton in the middle (plus the two on the outside).
Ive got a bunch of old sheets (which is what i made this with) so if i get it down i can make a whole bunch.
I just need to figure out the snaps

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Some good news:

A years-long project to develop a systematic way to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch finished an important test a couple of days ago. It removed a large amount of plastic. Like, so much that with about 15 additional copies of that test equipment, the entire patch could be cleaned in a few years.

Tried ecoprinting again today
And it didnt work 😭
I tried doing it with an iron mordant and oak and willow leaves.
I think my problem is that im impatient and want to unroll the bundle right away. I just want pretty leaf prints and i will get them one day
Thankfully, im working on a sheet i got ftom the buy nothing group, and ive still got so many sheets left to experiment with.

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