Canadians, is your workplace or organization recognizing September 30th, the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation?

If yes, what specifically are you doing?

If no, have you asked your employer why not?

(If Canada lowered its flag for a day, for every child known to have died at your residential schools, the flag would not raise for 18 years.)

(Boosts encouraged.)


@emsenn afaik they aren't doing anything. I'm still new and pretty disconnected from the rest of the company (they're internal communication is absolute shit and were all wfh).
The thing i could do is talk about it with my two coworkers, but that the extent of my reach into the company

@sunflower_avenue not your supervisor? honest question, but in my experience talking about something like that with coworkers is liable to get you in more trouble than just mentioning it to the boss as a question

@sunflower_avenue the lack of engagement on this post relative to the performative grief I saw from settlers after the Discovery at kamloops is a really bad look for all Canadian settlers. the number of bodies found is now higher than the upper boundary on death that the Truth and reconciliation commission established.

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