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Can't have anything resembling a pleasant environment in this place. As if the autumn isn't short enough, they have to ruin it barely halfway through

We need more gardeners, I.e. as a career. I don't mean the slash & burn type, that mow your grass within a mm of its like & who take the chainsaw approach to hedge trimming. I mean people who know & love plants, & who can help people make the most of their gardens.

Am struggling massively trying to find one of the latter in Sheffield. All the gardeners seem to already have more work than they can cope with.

We need more gardeners!


I will never have bigots and toxic behaviour in any matrix space I admin. is a place for anyone interested in science and looking for friendly and high-quality communities. I don't care how popular a room is; if it has shit admins it gets removed instantly.

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While calling out shithead admins on , I've learned from the enlightened centrists about Schr枚dinger's shit admin: the admin is both good and bad until you check which of their rooms you're in, at which point it collapses into one or the other. Because you can abuse people in one room and then still be a solid admin in another where that didn't happen.

Is it possible to be self-criticising without the self-doubt part?

Men who are NOT trans and who cannot bear a child and give birth, how do you feel about that?

a) I wish I could become pregnant and give birth
b) I'd be up for it but no strong feelings either way
c) I'm glad I can't become pregnant and give birth


Women who are NOT trans, how do you feel about your past/present/future ability (or inability) to give birth?

a) I don't want to be pregnant/give birth, or wish I was unable
b) I'd be up for it but no strong feelings either way
c) I'm glad I can become pregnant, or wish I could


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Is it still madness if I keep doing the same thing over and over again but get different results?

If you're #autistic #ActuallyAutistic person of #autism, consider answering the EUCAP 2021 Survey.

The survey maps your opinions on autism research, support and treatment options, and autists in decision making.

EUCAP is an autistic-lead umbrella organization of European autistic organizations, so this survey is important to get *our own voices* heard.

The survey is available in 11 languages. Deadline Nov 15th 2021.

Please boost.

I wish there was a that was a bit more like (i.e. targeted towards non-computer people). The website joinmatrix redirects to isn't _bad_ but it feels too technically involved if I just want o throw a link at someone to say "make an account _somewhere_"

Once more, for the fediverse folks this time:

Future of Privacy Forum have helpfully compiled a list of people/orgs to NOT trust on privacy (it鈥檚 the list of their supporters and advisory board).

If you feel you鈥檝e been unfairly included, you should probably remove yourself.

#privacy #privacyWashing #FutureOfPrivacy

It is amazing how rich people have gotten poor people to fight to lower their taxes

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