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@lightweight Microsoft/GitHub are big sponsors and speakers at this year's UN Internet Governance Forum where a major topic is digital sovereignty. 🤯

How to Identify that Light in the Sky

Illustration Credit & Copyright: HK (The League of Lost Causes) #APoD

When one of our plants gets yellow leaves it feels like they're handing me a sad little yellow note of complaint.

Why do people act as if bad online behaviour is only relevant to where it occurred?

If someone uses offensive language in one community, that doesn't concern a different community where the same person is also a member?

A good game poorly made is incredibly frustrating to play but so difficult to walk away from

What is to be done 

-stop making cars
-put photovoltaic cells on literally every roof
-put wind turbines on every parcel of land
-stop mining coal
-stop oil production
-stop woodcutting and burning of primeval forests
-stop subsidizing meat industry
-ban factory farming of animals
-stop encroachment, displacement and violent takeover of indigenous lands
-give land back to its rightful indigenous owners

actually this list is gonna get way too long

I can't believe I may possibly not yet have died of old age when some countries will finally only pollute as much as they can clean up after themselves. Wow. What a thought.

Modern online chat: the disorganised nature of ephemeral conversation combined with the permanence and lack of privacy of a public record

We are in solidarity with the protests against the strict Polish Abortion Act during the last week and especially on Saturday, the 6th November.
Distorted ideas of conservative forces must not promote discrimination anywhere in the world.

Want to know what happened?


re: silly meta musing, fascism mention 

@ljwrites There's one shared problem with as far as I can tell all social media: they all allow humans in.

Greta Thunberg: "The climate meeting is a PR event full of empty words and vague promises"

Politicians: "Nooo, stop saying that! It's just gonna make people resent us! You're being antidemocratic!"

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