Would be cool to translate into . Especially if you add the font. It would look like everything is written in alien hieroglyphs. (Though would definitely look even more alien)

For some time I have had trouble understanding how people in northern England manage so well without using the "the" article almost at all, but today I made the connection to the unofficial reform which mostly deprecates the usage of "le" in favour of "lo". It now makes more sense to me how there is rarely the need to specify that you're referring to some particular instance of the general term used to describe an object.

It's interesting how I had more trouble coming to terms with this in the context of English than in the context of Lojban.

A structural editor like this is exactly what needs. It would be the second[1] biggest killer feature of the language and it would make today's word processors for natural languages (such as ) look archaic.

[1]: the biggest one is to communicate unambiguously with aliens, if that ever becomes relevant. Unless that's finally a usecase for ?

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I want an IDE/editor integration for with syntax highlighing, an LSP server for checking syntax and some grammar visualisation 谩 la camxes. Just so I can get more error messages from my text editor and fewer from the community.

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