It's probably a red flag when you try to convert someone from Windows to and they spend all their time trying to make everything exactly like Windows. Just leads to frustrations when they break their installation or user session pushing the limits of [insert DE]'s customisation capabilities.

Next time I help someone I'm going to recommend them a radically different UX from what they're used to. That way they get a chance to really see that Linux isn't just some bad imitation of "the normal OSs" with weird quirks that only attracts staunch MS/Apple haters and hipster hackers.

So no elementaryOS/pantheon for Apple refugees and no KDE, Mint/Cinnamon or similar for Windows refugees.

It was likely for the best that I started my Linux journey using Unity. Still miss Unity 7. RIP.

I am convinced that what needs is an accessible (for non-technical users) or based distro with graphical install, package management, system configuration and revision/generation management tools, so that common people can benefit from reproducible package management and configuration without becoming sysadmins or developers.

I ache for the day when I don't have to recommend new users to use some Ubuntu-based distro just because they're the least terrible of all the non-programmer options.

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Linux rant 

will never hit mainstream until there are distros that truly aims for a "just works" experience.

Lost a Linux user yesterday because, after about two months of fiddling and working around broken things, an update made him unable to login anymore.

So he's done and I understand his frustrations.

I haven't looked at his problem myself, but if it truly was just an update that broke his installation/user, shame on .

I really hate the attitude that you need to be deeply knowledgeable about whatever tool you're using. Everyone uses the sewage system but you don't ask everyone to do plumbing on a regular basis.

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