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hey y'all, i'm arely. i'm a 20 year old artist and college dropout. i really like and .

i was diagnosed with depression when i was 16 and obvi, it's affected my whole life. i'm here primarily for the solarpunks! i find the movement fascinating, because it's so hopeful and has such a strong vision of what our society can be. i really love it and want to learn more about it. anyways, thanks for having me ✌️

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Dropped by the #BLM protest camp in #btv Battery Park today with a fellow @LabB hackerspace member to set up a solar device charging station. The results:


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Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software: Get off fb, goog, amazon, apple and msw!

I don't normally beg for boosts, but this is worth sharing with your IRL friends via email and w/e else. Older Mastodonians pretty much know most of these. I hope?

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How to build #CommunityWealth ?

βœ… Do not abide by patriarchy.

βœ… Find and network with people who care.

βœ… Acknowledge stolen lands and #MMIW. [1]

βœ… Listen to and include marginalized voices when deciding build or demolish plans.

βœ… Involve locally-indigenous people in ongoing ecological assessments, and be willing to pay them with whatever currency they request.

βœ… Source and hire locally.

βœ… Share good ideas globally.

βœ… Expect nothing.[2]



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A corporation is a legal device to protect humans from the danger of carrying out their instructions.

Thus a corporation is a virtual robot.

So we're actually living in one of those dystopian stories where the world is run by giant robots.

Matt Siegel pointed this out the other day, and it's been going round my head ever since.

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"This rethinking of disposability has an anti-capitalist appeal, as does thinking of oneself as someone who is not only, always, a consumer in search of the next purchase. But in the same way that making sustainable clothing purchases is a privilege many cannot afford, it is a privilege to have the resources needed not only to mend something but also to take the time to make it beautiful. It is also a privilege to feel comfortable wearing clothes that are visibly worn, however beautiful the repair. We need to be careful not to romanticize the history of mending, a craft that has grown out of necessity. "

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A Firefox and chrome extension that notifies you if a book you're looking at on amazon, goodreads, audible, etc. is available at a nearby public library, and gives you a link to reserve it

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Hello everyone! I’ve been thinking of ways to contribute to the community and I came up with a Solarpunk Idea Generator, it generates solarpunk things you can do. I only have a couple suggestions so far, but I’d love it if people sent me their suggestions! I’d also like to add links to resources in the suggestion. Check it out and let me know what you think: alternativestrategies.github.i

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You live in a small cozy apartment. Your neighbor to the left is a brain surgeon, the neighbor to your right is a fry cook.

Across the hall, the daycare center looks after the kids, it’s usually full of retirees, they get a lot of joy from the children.

You go to work. Your boss, yourself, and the janitor all make the same pay. You work to do a good job. This seems sensible.

After work, you take the train out of town, there are collectives there with fresh veggies and milk. You bring them some canning supplies, and hang out for a bit. You admire their agrarian lifestyle, but you love the city. You leave with a big bag of apples, you try to pay, but they won’t let you, money seems cheap. Next time you’ll bring your fiddle, you promise.

You miss the train, but there are plenty of busses. You get on one and find a seat. The person to your left is a plumber, the person to your right designs satellites, a singer stands, and begins to sing.

That seems right

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#Glimpse (:gimp: #GIMP's fork) is I think a step in the right direction and a cool project.
This new name isn't yet carved in stone (until GIMP 3.0) so I recommend you all to vote on this public shared document, even if in favor of Glimpse (but please at least give it some thought and look at the other ideas too):

Feel free to ask me about the spreadsheet (I made it)

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1. We are, unbeknownst to basically everyone and ignored almost entirely by the left, in the middle of the largest wave of revolutions, general strikes, riots, and mass protests since 2013, a wave which seems to be both moving and intensifying.

Moreover, ICE must be destroyed

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I would like gay spaces without alcohol please. Gay libraries would be nice

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on tactics, messaging, radicalism, gen Z 

We should start making a concerted effort to expose gen Z to real radical ideas. Not just the vague and semi-ironic "eat the rich" memes, not just the aesthetics that the punk movement showed are far too easily recuperated and commodified - real radical thought, the kind that permanently alters how you see the institutions in our society. And real tactics, too

The younger generation is more than ready to soak up these ideas, and as a movement we need to take advantage of that before their spirits get crushed in the mundanity of work and their aspirations get redirected into less threatening liberal ideas. We should be tabling at events like the climate strikes, offering free tutoring and studying resources at anarchist spaces, flyering around universities, making memes that appeal to gen Z while subtly exposing them to the thought processes and tactics of resistance. Let's not let this opportunity slip away

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Me when someone tries to defend the concept of intellectual property law

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the kind of software you use isn't activism. the kind of media you consume isn't activism.

activism is activism and there's not a shortcut around it.

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The Wrong ICE is Melting, The Wrong Amazon is Burning

No government will save the planet for us. 

A flier about how to interrupt the causes of climate change via direct action. Please circulate! #ExtinctionRebellion #climatestrike #climatechange

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