doesn't even have to be to me dawg if i witness kindness directed towards anyone you kNOW my heart's swelling up for the rest of the day

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fash, politics, but positive 

I love coming across evidence in the wild of how comprehensively we're winning the culture war

Just saw someone post an edited Stonetoss comic to the Smash Ultimate subreddit, and the top 5 comments are calling out the fact that he's a neonazi. OP's excuses and the people saying "who cares lol" have massive negative karma, and people are genuinely saying stuff like "deplatforming nazis is more important than good templates" with general approval. On a video game subreddit

And one of Extra Credits' recent videos about worker rights in games has tons of really popular comments enthusiastically promoting unions. And that's not the first time I've seen that happen

As much as we rightfully worry about fash/"alt-right" recruiting pipelines online, it's nice to get a little perspective and realize the extent to which we outnumber them

I started our first compost bin tonight- two, actually, though I think one is probably too small to do well.

Feels good to actually do something instead of waiting and waiting and waiting.

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