not so much an idea as a videogame Thought, but: Cartoons and visual art in general make a big deal out of using less, being representative instead of reproductive... like instead of a house's bricks all being drawn, you do a handful around the corners of things where shade would highlight them and consider it enough.

the closest I've heard of in videogames is a discussion of how Portal works, they said games use darkness and light to guide players through "open worlds" where an obvious navigation makes no sense. but I'm sure there are ways other than'darkness' to visually represent less detail, so what if you just did that on purpose. as the player gets outside the narrative, there's less anything, and they can easily look around and figure out where the things they're supposed to see are.

thinking about bathroom appliances of the ineffable sort, like the 3 shells...
- spoon chained to the soap dish
- toothbrush with brushes on both ends
- mirror on the underside of the toilet seat

game idea: you're in prison for robbery (many many counts) and your cellmate offers you a time travel device that lets you go back and perfect your crimes so the charges don't stick

guitar hero but each strum deals a card to a player depending which finger you hold, and you have to cheat at poker

so instead i'm reading about toaster strudels and their slogan is ""Get Zem Göing"" which is quite something

I was gonna tweet abt. pop tarts but then

In 2001, the United States' military airdropped 2.4 million Pop-Tarts in Afghanistan during the US invasion.[11]

I saw a skateboarding maid in the park, which is not a meme I expected to confirm but still. confirmed

relatively mainstream porn 

all this time I thought Yes's roundabout was about a merry-go-round but evidently it's a traffic circle

tooting things from my dreams pretty much verbatim 

I'm thinking about if I should monitor my video watching better by making myself write a summary of every video afterwards. Both to make it more a nuisance to chain-watch 10 videos in a row and to remind myself when I'm just using it as noise. Might even be useful for figuring out what's going on in the Netflix series that I only watch when I'm very bored

Anyway how much would it suck to die waiting for a red light and then be stuck there forever because ghosts can't trigger the metal detector circuit in the road

Finally a paranormal experience I can relate when people ask if I have any ghost stories.

So I was on my bike at a traffic light next to a white SUV.

The light proceeded to stay red for 5 minutes, ignoring them.

When it did turn green I started, the SUV didn't. 5 seconds later I turned around and it was gone.

The obvious answer is they didn't want to turn right past a bike, the correct answer is they were ghost

when I was a kid my mother always gave herself the least desirable portions she cooked (burnt toast, gristly meat, whatever) and it gave me unrealistic expectations of cooking food, ie. that you can be successful every time rather than doing what works on average and keeping the successes

tugboats are the hovercraft of the sea

looking for a series of increasingly specific hookup sites until i end up on the one for finding tandem bike partners who are also witches so we only have to cast a spell on 1 tire each

business hype men writing "I love it!" in emails has ruined love for me

good romhack idea: pokemon red/blue but "Tackle" is replaced with "Glomp". no further changes

Oh gosh I just drew something with pencil crayons for the first time in like... actually 15 years. I should probably do stuff with physical media more often, the computer stuff just feels like lower cost of entry (even though my computer cost as much as like, 10,000 pencils, and should last 5 years)

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