tugboats are the hovercraft of the sea

looking for a series of increasingly specific hookup sites until i end up on the one for finding tandem bike partners who are also witches so we only have to cast a spell on 1 tire each

business hype men writing "I love it!" in emails has ruined love for me

good romhack idea: pokemon red/blue but "Tackle" is replaced with "Glomp". no further changes

Oh gosh I just drew something with pencil crayons for the first time in like... actually 15 years. I should probably do stuff with physical media more often, the computer stuff just feels like lower cost of entry (even though my computer cost as much as like, 10,000 pencils, and should last 5 years)

free product idea: sheet with crenellations on it so you can paint your nails fast with spraypaint

good home improvement idea: make all your seams look like the edges of secret doors, that way noone can find the real secret door

I love the thing where advertisers are encourated to put impenetrable buzzwords on their products because false advertising is illegal but unfalsifiable advertising is fine

is it fair to call Blinded by the Light a chopsticks remix

I'm up to 84/96 exits on Super Mario World. Next one I'm working on (Tubular) seems... hard

I've always figured Christianity was open game for me to joke about cause I was raised by non-practicing ones and it's the plurality religion around here but I dunno how far I should actually go with that

here's my pitch: Hot Ones, but it's 10 foods where the hot is entirely metaphorical, starting with hot cross buns

here is my recipe for poached eggs.

1. ingredients
2. eggs.
3. you gotta locate those white orbs
4. yeah I'm talkin bout finding
5. ok did you spot them
6. but not eyeballs right
7. right. eggs. ingredient.
8. ok scope out the surroundings
9. the birds don't really think it's their baby but um. if you don't want to feel the bottom of a bird
10. find one that someone else already stole from the bird
11. there's no honor among thieves grab that egg
12. egg successfully poach ed

the tricky part of this toot is that because french does a different adjective order, the first word doesn't mean anything, the second word is the english noun and french adjective

convertibles are colloquially called "vert"s so a green one would be a vert vert

pretty sure I already tweeted "I crash my car into a bridge each day, so satisfied I'm on my way" but my brain's doing those songs again so it's back. [Yes Icona Pop - I've seen all good people(I don't care)?]

hey remember when they posted that Sonic poster with his disgusting legs on the Golden Gate Bridge and people said it was bad? Why didn't they do anything about it then.

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