just thinking about what 69 represents


getting my corpse buried with a strapon and ballgag, so when the necromancers dig me up they'll know i'm down

is it toxic masculinity why games other than Undertale are afraid to have the player's mom be the strongest npc

ksbd spoilers 

damn, right in the dick

it's not that i don't like your posts, it's that i'm on a metered connection and loading the yellow favourite star would cost me 5c. extra per time

massive collage of dudes dressed up as John Travolta in grease 

there's some real winners in there. bottom right is prime minister Justin Trudeau

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my current mood is a massive collage of dudes dressed up as John Travolta in grease

(in drake forever voice) last name Stereo, first name Shitpo

tempted to do one of those clasped fist memes between drug dealers and LEGO part shops on using large numbers of tiny ziplog bags that can only hold about a gram

always kinda upsetting finding out that a comedian you thought was popular for acting like an idiot buffoon has fans who think that act is actually genuine and correct

kinda fucked up when I think about it that I have no idea who he is, or if he's even a human person who exists, but I hate Brandon

going extinct: hell yeah
getting revived by mice who evolved into scientists: hell nah


mixing up software versioning and calibers and deciding that any bullet less than an inch across is for betas, figuring out how to holster a sawed off 4 bore elephant gun

hiring a vampire to work at my church tasting peo,ples' blood cause I suspect some of the congregation is only pretending to eat their wafers

sadly I couldn't find any pictures of the 2 archetypes of pickle fork in one place

I would like, as a project, to gut my old 5 CD changer stereo, and put in a raspberry pi with big hard drive or something, but it's kinda too large a project for me to even start. Like the whole point would be being able to use its very 90s looking LCD display & buttons, but I don't know the first thing about getting a raspberry pi to power & control one of those

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