*pulls candy cigarette out of mouth* look kid, sometimes you gotta go outside, barefoot, in the pouring rain with your gay rainbow umbrella and start kicking the rivers of water runnin down the street. unleash your inner queer three year old. enjoy the fact your legs work enough to allow you to kick around for no reason, and the fact you're not freezing and you have a house to go back to and a fresh change of clothes to put on after. life is short. *stubs out candy cigarette in ash tray* actually ew why did I do that

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discovered fedilab doesn't turn screenshots so I've gotta take screenshots of my photos in order to post them lmao

Hey comrades, I'm a poor Latinx lesbian asking for $350 for rent. My several small jobs have dipped down for summer and I'm scrambling to look for more work

I'm the most scared in a year I won't have enough to cover me and my gf

It's also the anniversary of Pulse. Donate to brown queer fam. Please boost. Share with friends who may have the means to help us #mutualaid #donate

Paypal: paypal.me/hamsterpower91
Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash App: $hamsterpower

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Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

Unrelated to any meta:

Good people can do bad things.

Doesn't mean we should excuse any of that, even more reason to point it out tbh.

But people really need to think about how they respond to being called on their bullshit.

STOP lashing back out.

You did something bad, it's not the end of the world. Figure it why, how you can change, if you can change, and how you can help someone else learn from your mistake

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I think my strawberry has red stele πŸ˜“ next year I'm putting them in a clay pot with sandier soil

my lettuces are getting huge but I'm not home enough to actually eat them 😣

WIP: a patch based off a solarpunk flag design @socalledunitedstates put up on Tumblr a while ago. it's on green calico with white vines, with the black part of the flag design done in rainbow stripes. I'm in the middle of embroidering over the vines on the bare calico with black thread. this one's for me, but if anyone wants one I'm happy to do them with any pride flag, for $7 (cause it's quite fiddly), plus free shipping in the US. the dimensions are 2in by 3.25 in

Prison Abolition and dealing with "The Dangerous Few"


I found this super compelling and it resolves my only holdout argument against prison abolition.

#anarchism #ACAB #abolition

I took some really nice photos of some new flowers that popped up and how well my lettuces are getting along but I'm too annoyed w fedilab rn to share them >:(

(I'm also just cranky about work related pains so maybe later tonight I'll figure out how I want to get them onto the fedi)

Brands can't be progressive because they aren't people with feelings and views.

Brands are the calculated product of marketing firms using statistical data to draw the correct emotions out of you for purchasing the right products.

There is no risk that isn't calculated for a profit outcome.

They can't be "brave".

They are the uncanny robotic faces corporation-machines making a crude imitation of humanity.

It is ascribing feelings to machines.

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