hey programmers

you uh

you wanna unionize

took a bunch of cuttings of the slowly dying Lena scotch broom, hoping at least one will root

(brooms are highly invasive in a lot of the so called US due to their prolific self seeding, but ours is a hybrid with unviable seeds but gorgeous bee attracting flowers, hence propagation by cuttings)

my Ozark beauty hasn't put out any flowers since early June :/ this is the one that's battling red stele so I've been lenient but cmon. it put out some runners tho, and I let some of them root in order to have a hopefully disease free plant next year (and I'll be using some preventative measures for this one), but I just cut them all off just now to hopefully get the parent plant to put out flowers again

growing food 

groups that use non-gendered terms of endearment:

Cowboys (pardner)
Pirates (matey)
Communists (comrade)

what do these groups have in common? they all hate capitalism

My favourite fact about Canada is that in the 70's a radio show had a competition for a national simile along the lines of "as american as apple pie" and the winning entry was "as canadian as possible under the circumstances"

found some aphids on my carrots today. both pots had some affected leaves but I only found actual aphids on one leaf. they seem to swarm around one leaf at a time, so I just cut that one off and threw it out. I moved the pot I found them in away from everyone else and I'll keep an eye on it and the other carrots, spoons permitting

the dandelions have finally bloomed again c: I should take this opportunity to finally try out a recipe for dandelions. gonna start out simple and sweet, maybe a fritter or a cookie, and go from there

just finished "bullshit jobs" the other day. funny that I have the most time to read it *at* my bullshit job. next I'm gonna take a crack at "post scarcity anarchism". I hope I'll still be able to understand the more academic language while still only reading in short bursts

hey the queer liberation march today in nyc? goddamn fantastic

growing food 

the rogue lettuce has finally recovered, showing off some new leaf growth. it's recovered so much, actually, that it's got roots sticking out the bottom of the pot. but I don't have anything bigger to move it into,,,

growing food 

growing food 

An exciting announcement, solarpunk 

a thing i see people doing sometimes is stereotyping bigots as ugly, unintelligent, etc, and there are two reasons i think we should avoid doing that

1. it splash damages onto people who also fall into those categories. saying ‘haha, person X is racist, they probably have a tiny dick’ only works if you’re implying that having a tiny dick is bad, and that’s body-shaming even if you’re being Woke about it
2. it sets up the contrapositive: if bigoted people are ugly and unintelligent, then smart or attractive people can’t be bigoted. and that’s obviously false and a dangerous thing to believe.


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