political rant on the relation of knowledge to ideology 

so some people say there's, like, a topical knowledge curve - in some fields, people with little to no knowledge on something think one thing, if they know an average amount they think a different thing, but actually, if you know a lot, you'll realize that your first uneducated assumption was totally right.

a good example is Nixon. People assume he was evil. People who researched him a tad may actually think it was more nuanced than that, but people who know their shit are like, yeah, no, he was evil.

I feel like this directly parallels the ascension to leftism/etc as a whole.

No knowledge - "It seems like there's so much money and food, and so much of it isn't even getting used, can't we just move it around so everyone will be happy?"

Middling knowledge - "Oh, well, it's more complicated than that, we need millionaires to drive industry and police budgets to keep us safe, etc. It's not just black and white."

Actual knowledge - "Millionaires are just evil. All cops are bastards and that money just helps hurt people. It's entirely possible to have a universal basic income, or even have functional anarchy if we work together and rise up. We really, totally can just move things around so that everyone's happy."

POC inclusive pride flag. Because yes, I can and will find a flower with brown petals!

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Newer version of the 6-colour pride flag with a 5-colour chevron on the left side, including trans colours and POC colours. I like this version.

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People who think sexuality is a simple function of gender have no idea how quantum gender works, and probably won't even comprehend CLASSICAL gender.

First you have to understand the classical gender forces: gender gravity, in which each person's gender has some attractive component to others' genders according to the proportional magnitude of the genders.

Then there's gender electromagnetism, in which some attractive or repulsive component is contributed based on each gender's net charge.

Jay's patented (not really) Caterpillar Management Technique (also can be used for slugs):
step one: spy a caterpillar where you Don't Want It, ie on food plants or ornamentals you really like
step two : pick up using a nearby dead leaf
step three: carry offender away
step four: Yeet to a part of the yard you don't care about

my rationale is, maybe he can find enough food over there to keep living; if so good for him. maybe he'll grow up to be a pollinator. if he can't, well he probably won't be able to crawl back to my carrots before he starves to death. either way it's a win for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

took a bunch of cuttings of the slowly dying Lena scotch broom, hoping at least one will root

(brooms are highly invasive in a lot of the so called US due to their prolific self seeding, but ours is a hybrid with unviable seeds but gorgeous bee attracting flowers, hence propagation by cuttings)

my Ozark beauty hasn't put out any flowers since early June :/ this is the one that's battling red stele so I've been lenient but cmon. it put out some runners tho, and I let some of them root in order to have a hopefully disease free plant next year (and I'll be using some preventative measures for this one), but I just cut them all off just now to hopefully get the parent plant to put out flowers again

growing food 

thank goodness these tomatoes are determinate type and stand up 90% of the way on their own or else I doubt my slapdash solution to staking would work

also yeah, those fruit above the trellis? idk what to do with them. I'm just crossing my fingers that they'll behave

groups that use non-gendered terms of endearment:

Cowboys (pardner)
Pirates (matey)
Communists (comrade)

what do these groups have in common? they all hate capitalism

My favourite fact about Canada is that in the 70's a radio show had a competition for a national simile along the lines of "as american as apple pie" and the winning entry was "as canadian as possible under the circumstances"

found some aphids on my carrots today. both pots had some affected leaves but I only found actual aphids on one leaf. they seem to swarm around one leaf at a time, so I just cut that one off and threw it out. I moved the pot I found them in away from everyone else and I'll keep an eye on it and the other carrots, spoons permitting

the dandelions have finally bloomed again c: I should take this opportunity to finally try out a recipe for dandelions. gonna start out simple and sweet, maybe a fritter or a cookie, and go from there

just finished "bullshit jobs" the other day. funny that I have the most time to read it *at* my bullshit job. next I'm gonna take a crack at "post scarcity anarchism". I hope I'll still be able to understand the more academic language while still only reading in short bursts

hey the queer liberation march today in nyc? goddamn fantastic

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