with all the witches running around its like, millennial more like generation hex

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Late last night @scintillatinator materialized out of nowhere (?) to design this solarpunk emblem idea I'd had!

The gear represents technology, workers, and by extension socialism, whereas the sun represents sustainability and nature, with the colors being the same as the green anarchist flag. The idea came from @Wewereseeds and @starwall 's flag design so big thanks to them!

This design is creative commons, feel free to use it for whatever solarpunky non-evil purposes you have - no credit or permission needed!

anyone ever told you "premature optimization is the root of all evil"?

let me tell you a story. about computers and javascript and hitler and the soviet union.

a friend of mine just dug up some numbers and did some math for my dyscalculic ass and came up with the conclusion that just by transmitting the minified version of jquery around (not even executing it!), Planet Earth is likely using up somewhere between 7-14 billion kWh of power every year.

let's put that into some perspective.

world war two was the single deadliest conflict in human history. it killed somewhere around 80 million people, which at the time was three percent of *all humans, everywhere.* it left europe in ruins, and nowhere was the damage so intense and horrific as the Soviet Union.

the Battle of Stalingrad is one of the most famous battles of the war. two million people died there alone. in the opening salvos the entire city was flattened by nazi and soviet bombs alike. eventually the Union prevailed, at a tremendous cost.

but Stalingrad was only one of the cities flattened, only one of the battles fought as Europe burned. the devastation was so comprehensive that nearly every western nation had to rely on aid from the US, one of the only powers on either side whose economy was intact, to rebuild. (it didn't help that American wartime policy was designed more to inflict as much Nazi death and destruction as possible on the Soviets, of course).

if we add up the energy of every single explosive device detonated over the course of that terrible war, from hand grenades all the way up to the two atom bombs the US detonated over japan, slaughtering civilians en masse and turning two cities to rubble in the space of a moment, we get the figure of about 3 megatons. or in kilowatt hours, 3.4 billion, spread out across all those years of war.

compared to 7-14 billion kWh just to transmitting the same tangle of bytes around again and again. every single year.

and that's just jquery. not the cost of executing it. not the mass of other garbage javascript and analytics and social media spyware, which now often adds up to megabytes per page. not the cost of rendering or running any of that.

just to zap jquery back and forth across the internet to every computer accessing a website that uses it.

a final point of comparison, now that i have your attention: bitcoin uses up 46,000 billion kilowatt hours per year. a number which is likely to keep on growing.

draw your own conclusions about web design & software optimization.

Every Mastodon article is like "But what about my follower counts! There's no celebrities on this platform! People don't talk about Trump all the time!"

Yeah. Those are all features.

two photos I took from my backyard of the full moon and lunar eclipse totality tonight, just a couple hours apart.

If there's anything natural element that looks like it's been made by an advanced alien civilization, it's crystallized bismuth.
Seriously - it's like the fairies that used to live in mushroom circles now live in a post-singularity society.

consider goats.

They eat weeds and fertilize the soil to make way for grass and other garden-type plants. They also eat weeds *before* they eat grass.

No viable seeds survive their ruminant guts.


As commenter Jose Benitez writes, "It's kinda funny that with all our technology we are now realizing and relearning the old ways are not so bad after all."

Goats go where and do what chemicals and machines cannot.

After technological disenchantment, we are forced to re-learn ancient wisdom.

White leftists need to read more authors of colour because the amount of people I have seen saying reading Lenin or other white people on imperialism is enough is embarrassing. It doesn’t even cross their minds to listen to us and our lived experiences. Calling urself a leftist and acting like that, lmao

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hey if you don't support trans rights you're not allowed to play video games anymore, sorry, that's the rules now

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"Orkney was once utterly dependent on power that was produced by burning coal and gas on the Scottish mainland and then transmitted through an undersea cable. Today the islands are so festooned with wind turbines, they cannot find enough uses for the emission-free power they create on their own.

Community-owned wind turbines generate power for local villages; islanders drive nonpolluting cars that run on electricity; devices that can turn the energy of the waves and the tides into electricity are being tested in the islands’ waters and seabed; and – in the near future – car and passenger ferries here will be fuelled not by diesel but by hydrogen, created from water that has been electrolysed using power from Orkney’s wind, wave and tide generators."


Just a regular reminder that "punishable by fine" means "legal for rich people."

Stop giving gender to gods and automata

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The worst thing about capitalism is that it has taught us to suffer everything alone and with shame instead of sharing our burdens (and our dreams) and I am sick and tired of it.

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