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me, to myself: im an adult i can buy nice stuffed animals if i WANT

Mentions of piercings / needles 

I finally got my ears pierced. Felt a bit weird at 26 but I think I passed until I was paying for it which was super nice :) the, uh, piercer? Seemed to think I was just very afraid of it, kept asking questions that suggested that and telling me to keep breathing and all that πŸ˜‚ after the first ear they asked if I was OK and I was so bewildered because why wouldn't I be, I literally didn't even feel it, but kept my mouth shut πŸ˜…

~~now I want a labret or something~~

It's nice when there are lots of seasonal veggies to eat πŸ˜‹

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still boggles me that Friends tried to signal ross was boring by making him a professional palaeontologist. nobody seriously doesn’t think dinosaurs are cool right??


They seem to have quieted down thankfully πŸ™‚ I'm guessing someone went up there last night to complain

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the postings for PhD positions make more sense when you read the internal documentation outlining how such postings shall be phrased and what to consider when trying to attract the right people

perhaps, I speculate, some of this info should be provided up front, so prospective applicants will know what to write


New neighbours moved in upstairs yesterday.

They're *constantly* making noise. They've been moving stuff for almost 24 hrs seemingly without a break (might've stopped for a bit during the day while I was working, but their van was there in the morning and is there again).

They don't seem to have any sense of how loud they are, they're constantly yelling and moving stuff in the stairwell, slamming doors, day and night.

They're also smoking in the stairwell, which, gross.

And. And I know this is going to sound like something out of a sitcom, but they're *singing*. Loud. Very poorly.

Speaking of sitcomis, I feel like that mean neighbour from Friends but holy shit SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR TEN MINUTES 😱


I was a bit worried to do it for a lot of reasons but I didn't want to have to worry about extra meds in Italy and I got a sort of an OK from my GP the last time I went (she said I could start lowering the dose in late spring if I had no symptoms - - i did that on my own instead of going there to check because that was the worst covid time and getting appointments was such a goddamn pain)

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I've been wondering why I've been so dizzy and off all day, I thought I was just hungry but I just realised it must be bc I finally stopped my antideps last week (I'd been lowering the dose for a while). Usually I've gotten the side effects within a day after changing the dose. Super happy that this is at least so far the only effect 😊

Today's therapy made me realise how weird a thing about last week's GIC appointment was:

They were really insistent on asking about whether I was in a relationship or had been looking for a relationship or felt like I could be in one right now. I'm neither ace or aro, but I've come to realise that I have absolutely no need to be in a relationship for the sake of being in one. There needs to be a reason for it, an actual connection. And they found seemingly incomprehensible.

But. Even if I didn't feel the way I do. 1) I've been very actively working on my thesis, which is a bit of a time sink. Also, considering their idea of a relationship seemed to exclude LDRs, it's also relevant that 2) I'm moving countries in three months, 3) There's been a goddamn pandemic going on. Like, what? πŸ˜–

Very mild but gross injury 

My right big toenail has been black for months after wearing shoes not fit to the purpose in a rocky place and it annoyed me so much I decided to just rip it off 😢 hopefully it grows back...

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Oh heck. Deus Ex composers Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos are releasing a 20th Anniversary remix album tomorrow aaaaaaa
The UNATCO track is already up and it's pretty goddamn amazing.

Oh oh I just realised I didn't post this here: the tomato plant on my balcony is in bloom 😊 :potted_plant:

I went for a long evening walk, collected flowers and feel happy and ready to sleep now 😴😊

From @wolfie : "search your name + fantasy gown, crown, and weapon"

(I had to do crown with [name] fantasy crown -book because otherwise I just got book covers)

Apparently I still suck at using this site πŸ˜‚

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