It's been a hectic few weeks and it's going to get more hectic. Lots of doctors appointments next week, need to take care of printing my thesis copies and other practical stuff too, write my opening lecture and have some research stuff that should be pushed out by the end of the month too, apartment lease is almost up so I'm moving to my parents for a bit over a week next weekend, then defense in early October, flying to Italy the next day and hopefully getting my keys and getting introduced into work things there the day after that.

I missed the peak of the perseids yesterday because it was so cloudy, but today the sky was crystal clear and I could spot a few really pretty ones : ] 

fingers are numb from cold though ;; autumn is definitely approaching...

("until I leave Finland", I say this assuming I'll be able to 😂💀)

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So, wfh officially continues until I leave Finland. Looks like I'll have a remote PhD defense which is kinda weird (they're usually public events w/ lots of people from the department and relatives etc), much less stressful for the actual event, and also less money-intensive, but I'm kinda sad I won't be able to do the big celebratory dinner w/ uni people afterwards. At least I'll have a very unique defense 😁

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[Feature request] Disable replies

It's been the most 👍ed feature request on the issue list for almost two years, and now Twitter has this feature only better.

If you aren't going to stand for this, click through to the Github issue and add your 👍 - and if you don't have a Github account but you like this feature request, consider boosting to get it in front of more people who *do* have Github!

Today's been a good day. I had my second-to-last therapy and laser appointments, both of which went well, I've walked a lot and I'm on my evening walk rn and I just... Feel really satisfied with life I guess?

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no more sirs and ma'ams the world has evolved past the need for sirs and ma'ams


Ugghh less than two months I have no idea if I'll be able to do all the PhD things on schedule and move to Italy because the situation keeps getting worse please please don't get as bad as it did in the spring ;_;

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Google didn't kill RSS.

They killed a popular *web client* for RSS.

The protocol is very much alive and quietly supported by many sources.

If anything the one action that really did bring harm to #RSS is Google's refusal to add RSS button support to Chrome by default and Mozilla removing it from Firefox.

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@LilyVers i can't work out what ISO is outside of the international standards meaning

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Fun fact:

Years ago I asked about the possibility to video lectures to save records of them online for students to use for studying and was told I couldn't because it would probably violate FERPA.

This year because of covid I have to videotape all lectures in case students don't feel like coming to campus or fall ill.

Basically all the things we were told you can't do that would make academia more accessible are suddenly being done. It's almost like they could have been done all the time.

Sunburn, gross to some maybe? 

I burnt my shoulders and back last Sunday and while it doesn't hurt (for some reason it never does), I am now shedding 🦎

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Its funny how people will criticize Tik Tok for cooperating with the Chinese government but wont say shit when american social media works with the US Government.

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Hm, "seminal" kinda looks like "semen". I wonder what the etymology could be. It couldn't possibly be from the same root as "semen". That wouldn't make any sense. This is a serious word used in formal, academic writing.

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this is my favorite rendition of the astronaut meme

Landlords and money but overall happy 

Had to pay almost 4k€ for the deposit + first month's rent + fees for the apartment I'm renting in Italy 💀 (the rent for one month is like 650 so it's a lot of extra) Still, feeling very good I now have one secured : )

Meds, hrt, anxiety, mh?ve but only earlier in thread 

While reading about this I found out that someone working on a research grant is a farmer from an insurance legal point of view.

Something something peasants.

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