It's winter now, and I'm not a big fan of the snow and cold, but I still need my daily walks and had a new phone to test so I walked up to one of the nearby villages.

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*your pet's name* has been elected best *your pet's species* of the year!
Please pet them~

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Where does Santa/Father Christmas Live?

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If a BLΓ…HAJ wore a Christmas hat would they wear it like this or like this

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There's a whole campaign to get a song call "Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt" up to #1 on the Xmas music charts and while this doesn't actually mean anyone and nobody has cared about the charts at all for years, it still makes me smile.

I guess that's too harsh, I do still like it, but the BT stuff always feels so jarring and pointless when I'm just trying to make my deliveries...

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I really want to like Death Stranding but I feel like it's a combination of two games (one is the "parcel delivery walking simulator" game it's always said to be, the other is a plot-heavy horror game), and while both of those games would be good on their own, the combination doesn't... really work? I wish I could just disable the BTs or something...

Can I just say how happy I am that the snow is only falling on the mountains and it's still around 7-10C during the day here πŸ™ Still cold but you know, not can't-go-outside cold

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Using @everyone on Discord is the modern equivalent to hitting Reply All to an email addressed to your whole university

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Reminder that censoring words gets around filters, just type the word out to save me the trouble, good god. I'm begging you.

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I naively assumed that medicine prescriptions from one EU country would be respected in another one considering there's supposed to be this whole mutual healthcare agreement, but apparently my idealism has no place in real life πŸ™ƒ

Now I need to either find an English speaking doctor in this small city willing to prescribe me hrt, which would be difficult even if I would be able to travel to Milan or another bigger city, or keep going to Finland every three months, spending a total of a month of that in quarantine on both sides, and somehow convince my job that this is OK.

Repeating for emphasis: πŸ™ƒ

Eating disorder 

(so not posting this on my food acc)

I've been enjoying making food a lot lately but actually *eating* it has become difficult. I feel awful whenever I eat enough to not feel hungry, and at the same time I feel hungry all the time.

It's not as bad as it used to be (I will still eat and keep food down) but I don't know what's causing it, I've been doing so well for such a long time :(

I spent most of today watching all the LOTR extended editions πŸ€“ I really felt like I needed a relaxing day w/out work or a long hike (I did go to my normal morning walk though, it wasn't *that* bad 😁)

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A lot of people seemed to like my last photos, so here's a another pair from a walk around nearby lakes the 31st : ) My hikes last weekend were more forest-y, so not many good pictures, unfortunately.

I have internettttttttt

Not stupid limited mobile Internet real Internet omg I am so relieved there was talk of the workplace being completely shut down (people are already supposed to work from home as much as they could) because there are more restrictions and now I don't have to worry 😭

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