Spent most of the day running around in 34 C weather gathering up the last supplies that we need for our 3-day trip.

I've never slept in a Yurt. Previous camping excursions were all in tents, and they all (except one overnighter with just the eldest) predated my kids' births.

Definitely looking forward to it, but still wondering what I forgot to pick up. No time left to worry.

Will be out of cell coverage as of Noon Eastern. I'll have to catch up on everything when I get back online in a few days!

@trevorflowers Most lithium-ion batteries should be kept between 20% - 90% charge to help extend their total lifespan.

Additionally, I have a few battery-powered things that are always plugged in (control panels, laptops), which creates a lot of extra heat on their own.

I *could* walk over and throw the breaker, but there's a number of things that actually need power throughout the day (as I currently WFH), so other than the washer/dryer, that really isn't a viable option for me. So there's a fair bit of standby-power that's always being drained.

I'm just uncertain if the standby power of a smart plug is less than the standby power of the devices that will be plugged into them. That's one question that I don't really know how to determine.

Just got my first bill at the new place, and it follows a different cycle than what I had at the old... Off by about 20 days.

I have some (fairly) sophisticated charts comparing my energy & fossil use over time that I'll have to try to adjust as a result.

Also, by default, the new place is on time-of-use billing. Which means I'll have to adjust my heavier usage to later at night instead of whenever it needs to be done. This could get tricky...

Maybe I should setup a bunch of smart plugs to disable power on certain outlets during the day, only reactivating when batteries go under 20%? That'll help with my computer & various tablets, but I'm not sure it's quite what I want to do.

Going to need to think on this.

@derek Don't get excited. The list of "single-use plastics" that are banned is so small, it's as though they didn't even try.

Eliminating plastic bags, straws, take-out containers, and plastic 6-pack rings is a good step, but it barely scratches the surface of single-use plastics.

Actually managed to get out to my folks' place for a few hours today and tore up another 3 metres x 0.5 metres of solid Goutweed.

At one end of the goutweed, it was (and still largely is) mixing with an overgrown rosebush. The other end was mixing with a huge section of Peonies (I think I got it out on that side).

Also removed all the overgrowth that had made its way into the "protected" area by the basement window as that area is supposed to be kept clear in case of emergencies...

There's still a lot of work to be done, but at least there's starting to be a visible dent. I'll get back out there in a couple of weeks to go back over the area I cleared and move further through the rose bushes and along the back tree line.

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It's far too late in the season to really get one going, but we are hoping to turn a good 4 metre x 4 metre area into a small vegetable garden. Most of that area is (more-or-less) clear already, but until we get some of the overgrowth & goutweed cleared up, we can't really move forward with that part of the project.

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My folks bought a new place last winter, and they have an absolutely fabulous pollinator garden. The previous owners let it do its own thing at some point.

As a result exceptionally overgrown and they have a massive invasion of Goutweed (mostly the kinda pretty one with green leaves bordered in white).

I spent about 8 hours digging up Goutweed today and may have cleared an area of about 2 metres x 0.5 metres. Probably have another 20 metres x 0.5 metres to go before the invasion is under control in the backyard (until it grows back).

Then there's a side yard that is completely covered in it, with a couple apple trees starting to take root between a shed & the house.

And the front yard is fighting a losing battle there as well...

Sadly, I won't be able to get back out there until the 29th or 30th, so the small area I was able to clear will probably need to be cleared again.

Should be "fun"!

@Atlas48 Darn. I was hoping for laser eyes. I guess cancer shotput is cool too though. 😂

Because I know it's going to come up, I'm not super convinced about the supposed "health benefits" of spirulina. A lot of the claims are very outlandish. The plant-based protein boost & ability to grow at home is of greater interest to me.

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Just made my very first protein smoothie.

It's, surprisingly, not too bad. I'm not going to say it was good, but it's definitely something I can have post-workout without complaint.

For those unaware, spirulina is basically a powdered algae. Given how quickly it grows, it's a super-renewable source of protein, and is part of the solution to the climate crisis. 5 grams of spirulina is about 3 grams of protein.

Although this spirulina was shipped in, I have a Bloom coming to me (whenever they ship), so I'll be able to grow my own in my basement garden-office-lab, thereby eliminating the shipping impact.

I wanted to try out and play around with spirulina a bit before I started growing my own. So far, not regretting my choice.

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New feature! Version 0.2206.3 brings Gatherings, a way to see events from Patchwork and confirm your participation. Give it a try!

Sadly, I'm nowhere near Vester Skerninge, Denmark.

But for those interested in , you may be interested in , happening August 26-31: futurologi.org/solpunk22.pdf

If you're planning to attend, I'd love to hear how it goes, what's covered, etc.

@alxd I wish! The issue with pioneering something like this is you find the bugs.

Did PeerTube cap you or did tchncs.de have a cap on their particular instance? That'll direct you to where you need to take this issue.

Online panels like Solarise are going to be far more common, so PeerTube & instances are going to need to adapt to handle it.

Did you find out what caused the bandwidth-like issues in the earlier panels?

I really hope this gets figured out (and the solution shared widely)!

Just remembered, @alxd asked me to tag him when I posted this.

Good Con overall, looking forward to seeing if anything grows as a result.

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Finally posted my review of .

It was a decent opening volley, and I look forward to seeing if there are any ongoing after-effects.

Building on the interest and momentum will be key.

Read my review here: solarpunkcanuck.ca/2022/06/rev

20 minutes after polls closed and they already called the election as another majority for the Conservative Party of Ontario.

Looks like another 4-years of environmental murder at the government's behest.

Please excuse me while I try to get over a bout of doomerism...

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Completed my civic duty today by holding my nose and voting for the most environmentally sound option in our provincial election.

Sadly, the most environmentally sound option still has very poor positions relating to climate justice and moving away from our late-capitalist system, but I guess I'd rather have an unequal living world than one where everyone & everything is dead.

Still a near-zero percent chance of getting elected in this riding mind you...

It's a far cry from what I was originally planning to do this summer, but I have a small potted all set up. I've already gathered a few of the smallest (but sweetest) strawberries one could imagine.

For fruits & vegetables, I have the aforementioned strawberries, plus green peppers, Thai chillies, tomatoes, white onions, carrots, Bok Choy, and a mystery bean growing.

Also a nice little selection of flowers to attract some bees to my small patio area. Still needs more work, but a start.

Finally hopped on my new bike and circled my little ones as they took theirs for a test spin.

My eldest aimed straight for a metal pole and smoked his new helmet pretty good, but after some coaxing we got him back up and going.

I can hardly wait to get out there and give my bike a thorough run instead of these light glides, but I'll take every moment I can.

@Olm_e Not my server, so I'm not sure how this particular instance was configured.

The instance didn't go down, but there were clear bandwidth issues in the livestream. Blocky images, sound cut outs, even a briefly dropped signal. Other ppl reported issues

If uses P2P to assist with the distribution, then perhaps the issue was with the bandwidth on the uplink? It was simulcast to YouTube, so if they were using the same computer for the uplink, that could create some issues.

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