Finally posted my review of .

It was a decent opening volley, and I look forward to seeing if there are any ongoing after-effects.

Building on the interest and momentum will be key.

Read my review here:

Just remembered, @alxd asked me to tag him when I posted this.

Good Con overall, looking forward to seeing if anything grows as a result.

@srgray thank you!

Do you know anybody who successfully streamed a conference (3+ hours) to PeerTube? We debugged our setup with the admin, turned out it was a PeerTube bug which capped our data quota for 5 GB. Little we can do to prepare for that next time, sans have recordings to upload later :S


@alxd I wish! The issue with pioneering something like this is you find the bugs.

Did PeerTube cap you or did have a cap on their particular instance? That'll direct you to where you need to take this issue.

Online panels like Solarise are going to be far more common, so PeerTube & instances are going to need to adapt to handle it.

Did you find out what caused the bandwidth-like issues in the earlier panels?

I really hope this gets figured out (and the solution shared widely)!

@srgray looks like had a cap they were not aware of - we'll need to make a bug report for FramaSoft.

The bandwidth-like issues seem to be literally what they look like: bandwidth problems. I don't know PeerTube's infra well enough to know if we could bypass that - maybe by having some delay with a buffer, streaming to a few servers at once?

Whatever we come up with, we'll share widely, but for now I cannot dedicate too much time to that.

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