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I know it is too late for this but imagine if some ballsy motherfucker locked the front doors of a big retail outlet with a bike lock or something a few minutes before they opened and then ran off lmao haha so funny

Make racists afraid. Don't let people feel comfortable in their bigotry. Use the power of social stigma and disapproval to make it weird and uncomfortable to be racist.

Pfizer/BioNTech, while refusing to make patents and processes available, says it can deliver a modified vaccine to battle a variant that could only evolve due to low vaccination rates in countries that can't get enough vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech. #WhereIsMySurprisedFace

idk what this pre bed time second wind is but its kinda annoying.

death to america 

every day is Death To America day, but especially today.

Happy Death To America day!

So now the CEO of Creative Commons is tweeting about NFTs, posting articles about them, and so is the main Creative Commons Twitter account.


Hey y’all! We’re trying to get out of a toxic living situation that is only getting worse.

I take commissions, and I also have a go-fund me that explains the situation better!

Shares help so much! I want my little family to be safe

I take tip donations here
And here

Commission info here! I’ll accept go-fund-me donations as payment!

" the fact that anarchist praxis has to start small and build organically, experimenting, forming networks, federating etc, is not a weakness – it’s the only way that a self-organised system can effectively grow and adapt. Even the cleverest scheme for large scale communism is functionally useless at the present moment, and won’t be much better in some future revolutionary situation because it can’t take the specific material circumstances of that situation into account." - Dave Tulley

When I was a kid, i dreamt of:

- space travel: now owned by billionaire dickeads + the military;

- robots: now owned by Boston Dynamics, Google + the military;

- computers: now owned by Google + the military;

It took me a while to figure that my kid's dream was mostly dictated by imperialist, expansionist, extractivist and militarist propaganda.

Hope generations will dream of soil, funghi, insects, nutrients, species and their beautiful interlocked complexity. so much cooler than computers!

hrt none 

you take estrogen because you're trans

i take estrogen because it tastes good

we are not the same

"I feel like this holiday season, it's important to remember the true meaning of christmas: ghosts terrorizing rich people in the middle of the night until they agree to pay their employees more"

protip: you don't need to be a ghost to haunt someone

Portland folks take note and spread word, free meals are being made for people tomorrow at Taj Indian and Crispy Gai

hey siri play The Child and Its Enemies Emma Goldman audiobook hyperpop remix

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if you see this message on a Steam store page it means you are fully within your legal right to pirate the game because the developers love their money so fucking much

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