long hair keeps children from physical activity and discourages (get your mind out of the gutter) bodily exploration by restricting what can and cannot be interacted with by restricting autonomy which in turn warps the psyche of the child.

tl;dr let your kids be gremlins and not your dolls, they need to romp and explore both externally and internally.

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Ugh, Autumn. The beginning of a long two seasons of staring at seed packets full of promise and saying "no! too early!"

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communist pyramid scheme:
1. be nice to people and generally help them out as much as you can
2. in return, ask them to do the same

@cocoron and that's what solarpunk offers, it offers a community built on relationships and turns walls into garden paths

my heart hurts when I think about the forgotten places like those, and I want to bring society back to them without relying on entrapment and forced colonialism to force them to consent

that's why we do this, for real equality and real change, not just talking, but doing.

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Kittens, doggos, birbs, and other animal friens? That's a boostin'
Yoshi, Toad, and other wholesome characters? That's a boostin'
Demanding that everyone has health care, shelter, nourishment, safety, and whatever else they need for a decent life? Oh you better believe that's a boostin'

My Lady

In a world burning dirty oils
people burnt to ashes from overwork
the gentle heat of the home
soothes the pain of the blisters
gained by neglect of self and soul

a respite is made yours through her
shaking off worries like rain off an umbrella
flour glints in a sunbeam
made perfect through its imperfectness
lazy mornings made into raucous evenings
a heart aches at the sound

worship of the small things
entwined fingers or a teapot full
we chase warmth
and so the fire is given to give

each of the things here are super easy to take care of, and also quite fast growing, in fact, they're almost yard conquering without careful management! owo

you might say that's tricking people into caring for plants through forced responsibility. and I say, yup!

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I realized I never said what I was planning to do with my baby plants!

recently I read the book The Little Book of Lykke which is the sequel to the Hygge book, and it talked about community building through sharing

I'm gonna guilt trip my neighbors by giving them plants to care for...over and over again! I have basil sprouts that when bigger I'm gonna split and repot to give, working on pumpkin seeds for the same purpose, then I'm planning on spreading hollyhocks and then potato cuttings~

@arteteco people like to engage with things, but also are scared to start, and that creates this kind of 'oh...thanks but no thanks' of and for activities

take it from someone who got addicted, seed germination is HUGE

watching your babies sprout and thrive is a great first step to sharing surplus and connecting with community and it could NOT be easier than two paper towels and a zip up bag and neglect for a couple of weeks

encouraging them to keep in contact with others doing the same? yes!

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me, age 15: pfft. people said "may you live in interesting times" as a curse? that's stupid. i don't want to live a boring live, i hope these times are SUPER interesting!
me, age 22: put it back Put it back Put It Back PUT IT BACK PUT IT BACK

@puffinus_puffinus tell me about it. people actually gave me the side eye when I used it in highschool, and a TA actually circled it once as a spelling error

of course I learned this in catholic school, like, how can you write something of jesus' without the correct apostrophe? was the toll of enforced catholicism worth the apostrophe knowledge?

oh, and my basil's second leaves are coming in faster now, the strongest sprout's seconds' are about half the size as their regular leaves! the others aren't too far behind either!

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good news! my pumpkin seeds are showing sprouts! germination is amazing, why don't we teach this in school???

bad news is that the one that looks the furthest along has a couple black spots, so oh no

@cocoron the smack dab middle of california, responsible for most of the world's food and racism

@cocoron like, I live in the Central Valley, and do you know how much goes to waste here to have artificial scarcity??? they don't even pay their workers a living wage and then throw away half the profit to say that there's a shortage and drive up the price!

if there were flat rates to farming, things would be different, I don't know exactly how, but it would be.

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so, before my furious, beautiful howling brings the moon crashing to the earth chasing the beauty of my song, how we all doin tonight

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Yes, yes, come to me, my darling atrocities. Gather under my wings, my little horrors. Soon the night will come.

@MordecaiPinhas to be perfectly honest, I just wanna play with an ornamental knife! my dad had one and I played with it enough to learn how to open and close it, which a 7 year old should NOT have knowledge of, but now I want to own one of my very own...iiiiiiffff it wasn't illegal here.

like, I'd flea market for one but I'm not that desperate...yet.

I want a butterfly knife but it's illegal in california.


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